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Yukon Funding

Bordered by the Arctic Ocean and crowned by the ivory-hued Mount Logan, Yukon is truly the final frontier of the North American continent. Spectacular natural beauty and the biting cold aside, this sparsely populated land also has a rich culture and a very well-defined student financial support program.

Whether you are a high school graduate nervous about finding a good college, or a working professional who wants to expand their educational qualifications, the government of Yukon has got your back. With a series of excellent student aid programs such as Yukon Grants, Yukon Scholarships, and Yukon Bursaries, you don’t have to break the bank to pursue post-secondary education.

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Yukon Grants

To be eligible for this grant of $145 per week, you must be a citizen of Canada and should be enrolled in a full-time course at any college ot university across the world that is affiliated with this program. You must also attended schooling in Yukon for a minimum of two years, or at least stayed in the territory a couple of years before enrolling for your course. The maximum duration of the funding will be 170 weeks, provided all the above criteria are met during this period. You might even be eligible for an annual travel amount of $1,500 if your school is outside of the territory.

Yukon Scholarships

Apart from grants, the Yukon government also believes in awarding scholarships to help students pursue post-secondary education. There are a total of six major scholarships which we will go over.

Scholarship for a student who is a parent

If you are a teen parent who is graduating from high school and directly getting into a college ot university for post-secondary education, you will be rewarded with $1000 every year, provided you are a Yukon resident.

Scholarship for trade or technical studies

A scholarship of $350 per year awaits any student who enrolls in a technical or vocational course after graduating from Grade 12 in a high school based in Yukon.

Canadian Army Yukon Scholarship

A true ode to academic excellence, any student who is completing Grade 12 education with an excellent score and is about to enter the first year of their undergraduate degree will receive a scholarship amount of $100 annually. 

Visual arts scholarship

Students who have enrolled in a visual arts program in an affiliated college or university immediately after completing high school in the Yukon, can receive an amount of $250 each year.

Aviation technology scholarship

If you are a resident of Yukon and have graduated high school, then you are technically eligible to receive a sum of $100 each year as per the directive of the local government.

Yukon Excellence Award

To honour the brilliant minds who secure excellent grades during their high school tenure, an automatic monetary reward of $300 will be given by the Yukon government, with maximum eligibility of ten awards from Grade 10 to Grade 12.

Yukon Bursaries

Apart from grants and scholarships, these series of five bursaries are also a part of Yukon’s student aid programs. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Health professionals education bursary

To improve medical and healthcare facilities in the more remote regions of the Yukon, the top two students enrolled in a health education program will receive a maximum amount of $5000. Four bursaries for $2,500 are also rolled out to deserving students.

Medical education bursary

An amount of $5000 and $7500 will be respectively provided to the top four medical school and residency program students.

Yukon nursing education bursary

If you have lived in Yukon as a Canadian citizen and are enrolled in a nursing program, then you can receive a maximum of $5000 each year if you are considered one of the top two applicants for this bursary. Four bursaries for $2,500 are also rolled out to deserving students.

Early Childhood Education Bursary

A total of three students pursuing Early Childhood Education studies in Yukon are eligible for a bursary of $2000 per term if it is a full-time course, or $500 if it is a part-time course.

Explore program travel bursary

For English-speaking residents who wish to gain mastery in French, participating in the intensive Explore program will grant you an amount of $700, which is mainly geared towards transportation.

Other Financial Aid Options

If none of the above programs apply to you, then it is by no means the end of the road. There are plenty of other options with federal funding programs such as Federal Student Grants, Federal Student Loan, Federal Student Scholarships, and Federal Student Bursaries. So, if you belong to this tundra land and are looking to spread your wings, then don’t hesitate to pursue higher education and take advantage of these federal and territorial student aid programs. 

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