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Are you a resident of Alberta with a burning desire to pursue a college education? But does the fear of hefty college tuition fees deter you from going after that post-secondary accreditation that you always wished to achieve? If any of this resonates with you, then don’t let the monetary problems douse your fire to study and learn. There is substantial financial help in the offing for students of Alberta.  

The province of Alberta is here to take care of your financial needs so that there are no hindrances in following your educational aspirations at the post-secondary level. Be it high school graduates or working professionals, the government of Alberta offers provincial student aid to lend a helping hand to fellow Albertans with finances of post-secondary education.

Alberta student aid offers are classified into three types: Alberta Student Grants, Alberta Full-Time Students Loan, and Alberta Student Scholarships.

Alberta Student Grants

Grants are an excellent option for prospective students who have unfavorable economic circumstances or other limiting factors. Unlike loans, grants don’t need to be repaid except under special conditions where the terms of a grant are breached. Let’s take a look at three major grant options for Alberta students.

Alberta Student Grant for Full-Time Students (ASG-FT)

This grant is reserved for students enrolled in full-time post-secondary courses. If a student or their family’s annual income bracket falls under the minimum threshold amount assigned by the Alberta government, then they are eligible for this financial aid. The grant amount received is inversely proportional to increasing annual income until a certain cutoff limit. The applicant must be a resident of Alberta to be considered for this aid.

Alberta Part-time Grant

Much like the full-time grant, a part-time grant from the province is also geared towards students who have financial difficulties when it comes to pursuing post-secondary education programs. Permanent residents as well as citizens of Canada who reside in Alberta can apply for this grant.

Alberta Grant for Students with Disabilities (GFD)

Owing to the fact that students with disabilities might face greater challenges in chasing higher education dreams, this grant was drafted to ease their transition into post-secondary programs. To avail of this grant, a student must provide a document that proves their permanent disability, as well as fulfill other criteria to receive Alberta funding.

Alberta Full-Time Student Loans

Student loans vary greatly from grants as they need to be repaid with time, unlike the latter. Generally, a loan program is designed in such a way that students receive financial help at both the provincial and federal levels. To avail of these loans, applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or diploma program at any of the institutions or universities that are affiliated with this government loan scheme. This provincial loan program is geared to help full-time students residing in Alberta.

You must fulfill the financial requirements and other basic criteria to be eligible for the loan.

Alberta Student Scholarships

These provincial scholarships are awarded to students who show exceptional skills academically, athletically, or are known for their social service work. Let us take a look at three major Alberta student scholarships:

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Dedicated to high school students who have completed their senior year, this scholarship aims to award students for their excellent academic prowess and ease their transition into post-secondary studies. Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have stayed in Alberta for at least a year prior to applying for this scholarship are eligible.

Alberta Citizenship Award

This scholarship can be further sub-classified into three parts, which are Premier’s Citizenship Award, Alberta Centennial Award, and Queen’s Golden Jubilee Citizenship Medal Award. It is especially geared towards students who have shown an incredible example of leadership or have left a significant impact on their community with their social service.

Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards

Applicants who belong to the Indigenous Metis community or are strongly connected to it can avail of this scholarship. Other than the community connections, the student must also fulfill the financial and citizenship criteria for their applications to be entertained.

Other Financial Aid Options

While the province has no shortage of student aid opportunities, those who don’t fit into any of the above criteria need not be disheartened. A plethora of federal options such as Federal Student Grant, Federal Student Loan, Federal Student Scholarships, and Federal Student Bursaries are also at their disposal. So keep your eyes peeled to identify the student aid programs that are perfect for you and your higher education dreams will soon be a reality.

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