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Prince Edward Island Funding

Surrounded by the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Prince Edward Island is known for its sandy beaches, red sandstone cliffs, and a general air of serenity. What many may not know is the extensive post-secondary student aid programs set in place by the local authorities.

With a mix of English and French speakers living in the province, the educational institutions cater to both sets of speakers, with one major university and many popular public colleges. If you’re residing in the island province and are looking for some monetary help to complete your post-secondary education, then you have come to the right place.

If you are a working professional who wants to hit the books once again or a student freshly graduated from high school, the host of provincial student aid programs such as Prince Edward Island Student Loan, Prince Edward Island Debt Reduction Grant Program, Prince Edward Island Scholarships, and Prince Edward Island Bursaries will make the task much less daunting. So let’s skim through the various programs, shall we?

Prince Edward Island Student Loan

For those pursuing a full-time post-secondary course and in need of financial assistance to pay for college, Prince Edward Island Student Loan provides a helping hand. A Canadian citizen residing in the province for a year can avail of this loan for a plethora of full-time courses. The PEI province will only support part of the loan, whereas the rest is taken care of by the Canadian government and the prospective student.

Prince Edward Island Debt Reduction Grant Program

While financial loans come in handy, paying them off later can get cumbersome. If you’re in a situation where your combined student loan amount exceeds $ 6000, then you are eligible for the Prince Edward Island Debt Reduction Grant Program, which will take some of the financial burdens off your shoulders. Other basic eligibility criteria also apply.

Prince Edward Island Bursaries

On top of loans and grants, the PEI province also provides a whole host of student bursaries based on certain conditions. Let’s briefly delve into some of these programs.

Community Service Bursary: High school students who have done consistent volunteer work can benefit from this bursary

Island Advantage – George Coles Bursary: Students who wish to study at the University of Prince Edward Island or other affiliate colleges, both English and French dominant, are eligible for this bursary during the first year of their post-secondary degree.

Island Advantage – Needs-Based Bursary: This bursary is often combined with the George Coles Bursary to provide a financial boost for first-year college students. The aid is provided on the basis of the student’s financial standing.

The Government of PEI Marine Atlantic Bursary: If you or your guardian/spouse has worked in the Marine Atlantic company prior to your perusal post-secondary education, then you are eligible for this bursary before you enroll in UPEI or other affiliate colleges.

Prince Edward Island Scholarships

Scholarships, unlike other financial aid programs, are more of a reward, given to students on the basis of merit in a variety of fields. Just like other Canadian provinces, Prince Edward Island has its own set of scholarship programs. Let’s take a look at a couple of them here.

Island Advantage – George Coles Graduate Scholarship

If you are about to complete your undergraduate degree program and are a Canadian citizen studying at the University of Prince Edward Island, then you might be eligible for this scholarship. If the institution is satisfied with your profile and academic progress, you will receive the financial reward directly, without any fuss of applications. You can get up to $2,200 with this scholarship.

John J. Sark Memorial Scholarship

Named after the island’s first Mi’kmaq (First Nation) teacher, the scholarship helps other indigenous students in realizing their post-secondary education dreams. Applicants must have contributed to their indigenous communities in some shape or form to be considered eligible for this $ 1000 scholarship.

Other Financial Aid Options

In case you feel that these scholarships, loans, and bursaries are not for you, then options like Federal Student Grant, Federal Student Loan, Federal Student Scholarships, and Federal Student Bursaries may be more up your alley. With so many choices, pursuing higher education is no longer daunting, so venture forth, explore all options and lastly, carpe diem!

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