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Irving K. Barber B.C. Scholarship Society – Transfer Scholarships

Are you a student residing in British Columbia with an excellent academic record? Perhaps, you’re also currently studying in a post-secondary school in a particular course and are planning to take a transfer? Well, if that sounds a lot like you, you need to get started on your application for the Irving K. Barber B.C. Scholarship Society – Transfer Scholarships. 

The Irving K. Barber B.C. Scholarship Society – Transfer Scholarships are exclusively for students who are in the middle of changing their public post-secondary school and need a little extra financial help in doing so.  Getting this scholarship can make your transition much smoother. 

Let’s find out how you can get this scholarship for yourself.

Irving K. Barber B.C. Transfer Scholarships – Eligibility, How to Apply

Eligibility Criteria 

When it comes to being eligible for the Irving K. Barber B.C. Scholarship Society – Transfer Scholarships, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

  • You can apply for this scholarship only after you’ve completed a minimum of one year of full-time study or a maximum of two years of full-time study 
  • You must choose to transfer to another college to complete your degree 

As for the eligibility criteria for each year, there are a few pointers that are in common. These are –

  • You must be a citizen of Canada, a permanent resident, or at very least a refugee or an individual who enjoys protected person status 
  • You must be a current student of a public post-secondary school in British Columbia 
  • You must be transferring to a public post-secondary school in British Columbia 
  • You must have a minimum B Grade Point average on your top credits 
  • You should excel academically and be active in the community or school services and have at least two references supporting your claims for the same 
  • You must start your studies in a school between a stipulated time period, which currently stands between May 1, 2022, and April 30, 2023, for the current academic year 
  • You have the choice to make your application in advance provided you have received your acceptance letter from your new school
  • You do not have the choice to transfer credits from a program/course you have already completed

If you are changing schools after one year of full-time study, here are the additional things you need to take note off – 

  • You must have at least 30 transferrable credits from your previous school 
  • You can still apply if you do not have 30 transferrable credits as long as you get all of them before you transfer to a new school 

If you are applying for a transfer after completing two years of full-time study, these are the extra rules that will apply to you – 

  • You must have a minimum of 54 transferrable credits from the school your previous school 
  • Application is allowed even if you do not have all 54 credits as long as you procure all of them before your transfer 

How To Apply 

Though applications for the academic year of 2022-23 are closed, you can still try your luck next time. For very such instances, we have listed the detailed applicated procedure below –

  • Go to the Irving K. Barber B.C. Scholarship Society website and create an account for yourself. If you already have an account, you can simply log in.
  • You will be prompted to complete an eligibility assessment form. Complete it to find out if you’re eligible.
  • In case you are considered eligible for this scholarship, you will be automatically redirected to the application form. You can fill out the form now. Any information entered by you will be saved, so it can be edited as and when you proceed. Bear in mind that no edits will be entertained once you submit your form.
  • Next, you will be prompted to provide two references to verify your educational performance as well as your involvement with community/social services. Be sure to provide the correct names and email IDs of your references. One reference should be for academics and one for non-academics. 

 Note: An email will be sent to the references you share, requesting them to submit a reference letter for you.

  • Upload all of your non-official transcripts on the Irving K. Barber B.C. Scholarship Society website.
  • Keep tabs on emails from your references. Once you get them, you will be able to submit your application by logging into the SMApply account you created.

How Much Can You Get 

The good thing about Irving K. Barber B.C. Scholarship Society – Transfer Scholarship is that you are likely to receive if you are considered eligible. As for how much you’ll get, you’ll be happy to know that you can get $5,000 as a scholarship via this program. This applies to both students who transfer either after one or two years. You can use this scholarship to fund your transfer and get closer to completing your degree. 

Other Student Aid Options 

If the Irving K. Barber B.C. Scholarship Society – Transfer Scholarship isn’t the right fit for you, you don’t have to sleep. The government of British Columbia has plenty of other funding programs in place to help students like you fulfil their dreams. You can check out BC Student Loans, BC Grants and BC Bursaries among others to find which funding option works best for you.

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