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Quickbooks Pro

This course includes information related to using the General Ledger, Receivable, Payable, Payroll, and Inventory Accounting by using QuickBooks for Windows. The student will also learn how to develop a standard set of financial reports.

Course Objectives: Knowledge

The graduate will:
Know how to enter and post purchase orders, purchase invoices, and credit payments by using Vendor menu and Navigator.
Know how to enter and sales estimates, sale orders, sale invoices, and sales receipts in Customer menu and Navigator.
Know how to enter; print and post pay cheques of employees by using employee menu and Navigator.
Know how to record sale and purchase of Inventory Items.
Know how to do Bank Reconciliation

Course Objectives: Skills

The graduate will be able to:
Perform transaction processing related to (Cash & Credit) purchases and payments in Payable Module and (Cash & Credit) Sales and receipts in Receivable Module.
Process pay cheques for employees
Perform Inventory and Project Accounting
Develop a standard set of financial reports.

Curriculum Outline

Introduction to QuickBooks
Practical Exercise: Set up Accounts in QuickBooks
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Practical Exercise: A/R and A/R in QuickBooks
Using Inventory
Practical Exercise: Review of QuickBooks

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