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Quickbooks (Level 1 and Level 2)

Course Description – Level 1

This course is recommended for the beginner who has just purchased QuickBooks and wants to set up their company file, or for those students who want to become knowledgeable in QuickBooks.
Duration : 6 hours

Course Outline:

• Creating QuickBooks Company Files • Entering Company Information • Setting Up QuickBooks Preferences • Choosing Start Dates • Setting Up Income and Expense Accounts • Entering Opening Balances • Using QuickBook’s Help Feature • Using QuickBook’s List Feature • Editing Chart of Accounts • Working with Customer Job Lists • Working with Employee Lists • Working with Vendor Lists • Managing Lists • Writing QuickBooks Cheques • Using Bank Account Registers • Entering Handwritten Cheques • Transferring Money between Accounts • Reconciliation of Chequing Accounts • Entering Sales Invoices in QuickBooks • Memorizing Transactions • Entering New Items • Using Multiple Price Levels • Recording Customer Payments • Making Deposits • Entering Bills from Vendors • Paying Bills from Vendors

Course Description – Level 2

This course is recommended for those who are comfortable using QuickBooks and interested in learning new or faster methods of using QuickBooks. This course is not intended for beginners.
Duration : 6 hours

Course Outline:

• Creating QuickBooks Reports • Saving and Printing Reports • Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel • Turning on Inventory Features • Entering Products/Services into Inventories • Entering Purchase Orders • Recording Receipts of Inventory Items • Entering Bills for Inventory Items • Entering Inventory Adjustments • Setting Up Sales Taxes in QuickBooks • Filing Sales Tax Returns • Creating Jobs and Estimates • Creating Multiple Estimates • Creating Invoices from Estimates • Setting Up QuickBooks Progress Invoicing Feature • Displaying Reports for Estimates • Updating Job Status • Using QuickBooks Time Tracking Feature • Invoicing Customers Based on Time • Displaying Project Reports for Time Tracking • Paying Non-Employees for Time Worked • Customizing Reports and Forms • Setting Up Quickbooks Payroll Feature • Setting Up Employee Payroll Information • Entering and Writing Paycheques • Tracking Payroll Liabilities • Paying Payroll Taxes

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