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PSW (Personal Support Worker)

Knowing that you are making a difference to people who need you is what makes the PSW career choice very rewarding for caring individuals with excellent people skills. The growing need for medical services by an aging population and an increased focus by government on home and long-term care are fuelling demand for trained, knowledgeable and caring Personal Support Workers.


Personal Support Worker Program Objective


The Personal Support Worker Certificate program is designed to provide our students with the necessary training and education to pursue a career in the traditional nursing assistant role in health care environments. Students learn practical support-related skills such as assisting with routine daily living activities, personal care, mobility, safety, medications, medical conditions, household management and meal preparation along with the interpersonal skills to deal effectively with clients, families, and healthcare team members. Sensitivity to individuals and their rights is a central theme of the instruction for the Personal Support Worker. Students will acquire the necessary skills to respond to the emotional and physical needs of patients, residents and/or clients who are under their care.

Learning from the curriculum approved by the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC), the students will be working toward passing the national uniform final exam administered by NACC at the end of their program. Passing this exam is a PSW program requirement.

A clinical placement combined with practical classroom instruction ensures you graduate with confidence in yourself and in your practical skills.


Personal Support Worker Clinical Placements


Canadian SciTech College has an excellent working relationship with various organizations for clinical placement. During the program the students will supplement their in-class training with an “on the job” clinical placement arranged by Canadian SciTech College. The placement provides an opportunity to apply the lessons learned in the classroom, gain confidence, and open doors to future employment.

Successful completion of the clinical placement is necessary for graduation from the Personal Support Worker program.


PSW Relevant Certifications


Our Personal Support Worker courses are based on the curriculum of the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) and in order to graduate from this program, students must pass a national uniform examination administered by the NACC.

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