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Students complete 90 credit hours of the Pre-Med program in one year, which provides the prerequisites to be qualified and eligible for admission into several MD programs. Our curriculum of Pre-Med courses and our overall diploma program is accepted by many of the schools of medicine  where students want to go! And all of the training takes place locally, at our Brampton or Mississauga campuses.

There is a pending government-declared shortage for general practitioners and medical specialists in Canada. It is estimated that 28,300 new jobs will open up through 2024 across Canada. Once you are at the medical school in the Caribbean, you may choose to specialize in CardiologyGastroenterologyMaternityPathologyPediatricsNeurologyPsychiatryOncology, or much more.

You have a Choice of Medical Schools!

Other colleges are partnered with one medical school, so you have no choice of where your medical studies will take place. CIMT College is affiliated with many Schools of Medicine located on various Caribbean islands. Because of our multiple articulation agreements, students have a choice of 10 or more destinations for medical school, all with guaranteed acceptance with our medical school partners for a 4 year MD program! Ask your Admissions Advisor for a current list of our partners and what conditions and GPA are required by each when you come for your FREE Campus Tour. Our staff will help you smooth your transition to medical school, by helping you to reserve your seat, and guiding you on when and how to apply to your medical school choice.

Your Pathway to Becoming an MD!

When you come to CIMT College for a FREE Campus Tour, we can show you the classroom, introduce you to the instructor, and explain the pathway to become an MD to you:

1 year      Pre-Med Diploma at CIMT College

2 years    Basic Science Courses at your choice of medical school partner

2 years    Clinical Rotation

There are some benefits of doing your medical program outside of Canada…. the biggest benefit is that it is a 5 year pathway, instead of a 9 year pathway… let us show you how!

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