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Physiotherapist / Rehabilitation Assistant

Program Overview

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A physiotherapist assistant works with a licensed physiotherapist to help patients with rehabilitation routines and treatments and assists with equipment and care plans.

Physiotherapist assistants should enjoy working with people and helping people start their lives over after an accident, suffered an injury or illness that has forced them to lose basic body functions.

During physiotherapy training, the assistant will learn the skills to assist physiotherapists and therapists. Theoretical subjects include rehabilitation, anatomy, physiology, human development, movement, disorders, physiotherapy, communications, gerontology, physical agents, rehabilitation and clinical case studies.

With this diploma, you are able to apply for any job looking for:

Physiotherapist Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Rehabilitation Assistant

PTA Program Facts:
  • Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
  • Taught by trained professionals in the industry – they have real-world experience
  • Covered by Liability Insurance
  • Fully covered by WSIB
Our PTA Program includes:
  • PTA Training (in class Theory & Practical)
  • CPR / First Aid / AED Course included (Red Cross)
  • Introduction to Occupational Therapy
  • 200 Hours of organized Clinical Placement
  • Grand Health Academy has been established to train competent, caring, health care professionals.
  • With the help of qualified staff and modern technology, the student will exhibit personal growth.
  • This program is designed to prepare individuals with the learning of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and occupational therapy assistant skills to function in a multitude of healthcare environments
  • The PTA will understand the human body and its’ systems in healthy and disabled states in order for therapy to be beneficial
  • The PTA will learn passive and active exercises in order to encourage independence in the client and share proper rehabilitative techniques to improve the client’s well-being
  • The graduate will be prepared to work as a team member under the supervision of registered practitioners.

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