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Personal Support Worker

Personal Support Worker Program

What is a Personal Support Worker (PSW)?

A Personal Support Worker (PSW) is a health care worker that provides daily care to those who are not able to care for themselves (may include personal care, mobility and home management). This includes the elderly, individuals with physical disabilities and individuals with mental disabilities living at home or in long–term care facilities.

 Is the Personal Support Worker Program Right for you?

This program is an excellent fit:

  • Someone who is caring, works well in a team environment and enjoys helping others
  • Ability to work with a variety of backgrounds and at all ages
  • Someone who wants to fast-track into a new and exciting career in healthcare

Personal Support Worker Program (PSW) Overview

Students will develop a broad range of abilities to support individuals who need assistance with routine daily tasks and activities. Students will then apply combined theoretical knowledge with practical skills during field placements.

 Some of the things you’ll learn to do:

  • Activities of daily living, including meal prep, feeding, personal care and hygiene
  • Lift and transfer clients
  • Increase your client’s comfort, safety and mobility
  • Deal with ongoing medical conditions and medications
  • Management of household activities

 Program Length

HCPT College’s program is 700 hours

  • In-school Theory & practice: (390 hours)
  • Clinical Placement – Community: 110 hours
  • Clinical placement – Facility: 200 hours

 Clinical Work Placements: Hands-On Experience

Placements will include a total of 310 hours in two practicum settings in a community setting and long-term care setting. HCPT College arranges the placements for students where they will practice their skills and knowledge in a real live setting.

Students will gain:

  • On the job experience before they graduate
  • Great networking opportunities for potential hiring after graduation
  • Potential job references to add to their resumes
  • Smooth transition into job market
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