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Become an Accredited Paralegal in Ontario. Work as a licensed Paralegal, a Municipal or Provincial Prosecutor, Adjudicator, Mediator, or open your own Paralegal Firm. Have you ever thought of pursuing a career as a paralegal? In only one year, you could be working in the legal profession earning a competitive salary. In Ontario, being a paralegal is a licensed role and regulated profession. Licensed paralegals are able to provide representation to clients in the various Courts, Tribunals, Boards, Agencies, and Commissions. They appear before Judges, Justice’ of the Peace and Adjudicators,and can represent parties in Immigration, Criminal, and various Traffic Offence matters. This program is accredited by the Law Society of Ontario.


Paralegals are an indispensable part of the legal system in Canada, working for the Courts, Provincial or Federal Ministries, Government Agencies, Corporations, Law Firms, Attorney General, teaching in Colleges, or working on their own. They also perform substantive legal work, including investigative research, preparing critical legal documents, and swearing affidavits. Students learn to navigate and conduct research on various software and websites, including PCLaw, CanLII, Quicklaw, eLaws, Justice Laws, ADR Institute of Ontario, Ontario Courts, Tribunal Websites, WorldLII, By-Laws, Municipal Codes Website, LawPro, Ontario Court Forms, Service Ontario, and the Law Society website.

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