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Medical Laboratory Technician

Get Hands-on Training in Medical Laboratory Technician Procedures in a Medical Lab

Medical Lab Technician School for aspiring professionals

Physicians often rely on an inside look into the human body in order to make a clear, accurate diagnosis. As a Medical Laboratory Technician, you can provide the missing piece in the diagnosis process bringing clinical answers from the medical lab. Consequently, a Medical Laboratory Technician can play a vital role in the whole healthcare system.

Get Immersed in a Medical Lab Environment

As you gain the hands-on skills in your field of study needed for the collection and analysis of patient blood and specimen samples, from a medical laboratory technician program, you will become a trusted healthcare medical professional. You will gain the skills to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, match organs, and blood donors, in addition to performing routine laboratory procedures. You will also be prepared for MLPAO (formerly known as OSMT) certification exam.

  • Prepare yourself with hands-on medical training to play a vital role in the healthcare system as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Prepping patients and set up Holter monitors for longer cardiac studies as a laboratory technician
  • Equip yourself with a versatile, and in-demand skill set; Communication and interpersonal skills in a medical lab or office.
  • Learn how to collect patient specimen samples, set up ECGs to monitor heart rates in patients and perform the required analysis as a Medical Laboratory Technician.
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