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Master of Education

Crandall University’s Master of Education is a degree designed for educators who want to enhance their abilities to respond to student needs. Students completing this 30 credit hour Master of Education program can choose between concentrations in Inclusionary Practices or Literacy. In addition, students can choose a course only option or a major research project option. The major research project is 6 of the 30 credit hours required to complete the degree. The application-based focus of our courses equips educators with the tools needed to apply their knowledge. Graduates of the program may serve as teachers, administrators, literacy coaches, reading specialists, resource educators, or researchers.

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Graduates from the Master of Education degree program may be eligible to pursue other master’s degrees or doctoral degrees (Doctor of Education).

Crandall University’s Master of Education normally allows graduates who hold a Certificate 5 with the New Brunswick Department of Education to advance to a Certificate 6.

In addition, students completing the Master of Education in Inclusionary Practices degree at Crandall can choose to take three courses that may be applied toward the Principal’s Certificate. These courses include:

  • ED6403 – Administrative Theory
  • ED6413 – Supervision and Instructional Leadership
  • ED6616 – Individual Student Assessment.

It is recommended that individuals concerned with New Brunswick teacher certification regulations contact the Department of Education to ensure that their degree and/or specific course selections will comply with regulations for certification.

Special Program Highlights

  • Build your knowledge and pedagogical skills;
  • Attend classes at times set to accommodate teachers’ weekday classroom schedules;
  • Explore the needs of struggling students in the classroom;
  • Advance in your career.
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