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IT Network Professional

Program Description

Are you a “people person” and problem solver who also has an interest in computers? You are exactly what employers are looking for! There is a regional and national skills shortage in the Information Technology Industry and demand for IT professionals is expected to increase. Employers are looking for a unique combination of both technical skills and business skills in IT professionals, so they can be team players who can find business solutions that are rooted in technology. Over the past decade, one of the clearest trends has been a significant increase in the proportion of jobs that require the skills package, rather than just core technical skills.

– Source: Information and Communications Technology Council

Academy Canada’s IT Network Professional Program is geared towards producing flexible network administrators that can respond to the varied needs of industry. Graduates will be able to assist end users in day to day business operations, including recognizing and resolving security threats to networks, backing up server information to avoid data loss and performing disaster recovery operations.

Graduates will also be able to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to help businesses operate efficiently through the use of technology. The IT Network Professional Program prepares graduates to seek certification in a variety of technology and business areas including those with Microsoft, Cisco, Project Management and CompTIA. Certification examinations are optional, and are administered independently from any school or campus at the student’s expense.

Experience is built into the program as students apply their skills to solving real-life business problems and the work term component allows students to refine their skills in the work environment. The IT Network Professional program was created to provide employers with graduates that can meet the IT skills shortage.

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