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Full-Stack Development Diploma

The InnoTech Full-Stack Development Diploma is designed for everyone, whether you’re a problem solver, dreamer, fact lover, creative, extrovert, or introvert. The program ensures you have all the necessary skills to enter the workforce as a successful developer.

What You’ll Learn

  • Develop skills to become a confident problem solver and web developer.
  • Curriculum aligned with industry needs and technological changes.
  • Small classrooms, hands-on instruction, dynamic projects, portfolio development, and extensive coding practice prepare students to meet employers’ needs immediately.


  • Introduction to Computers:

    • Learn computer hardware, software, and communication protocols.
    • Master command line interface and Bash scripting.
    • Early practice with tools like Visual Studio Code, Git, and GitHub.
  • HTML & CSS:

    • Build and customize websites using HTML and CSS.
    • Debug sites with a browser inspector.
    • Deploy projects to the cloud using Oracle Cloud, SSH, and Apache.
  • Frontend Programming with JavaScript & VueJS:

    • Master JavaScript fundamentals and browser control.
    • Learn VueJS framework for advanced frontend development.
  • Backend Programming with Python and SQL:

    • Learn Python and create REST APIs with Flask.
    • Use Postman to test APIs.
    • Harness database power with MariaDB.
    • Work with the Linux operating system.
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