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Foot Health Management

Become a nurse foot care specialist

Are you a nurse working in community, diabetic, renal or senior’s health care and seeing an ever increasing need for better lower limb and foot health care that is within nursing scope of practice? Are you a creative RN, RPN or LPN interested in broadening your horizons into your own business as a foot health provider? Are you already a foot care nurse seeking to up-skill your current foot care practice?

As the world population ages, lower limb and foot complications from diabetes and peripheral vascular disease continues to grow. The call for nurses trained in expert medical foot and nail care is critical and ever increasing to assess, prevent, treat, teach and advocate for clients and patients at risk. In fact, it is our belief that every nurse should study lower limb and foot health as a required part of their professional development.

Opportunity is knocking at the door for you to make a difference and be on the leading edge of change!

Through the Caritas College Foot Health Management program, you will develop the theory and the practical skills required to provide general lower limb health and advanced foot and nail care. Caritas College offers one of the most comprehensive and detailed foot care programs in North America and prepares nurses to take the WOCNCB CFCN (US) examination.

We invite you to come and learn with us and improve your skills as an exceptional lower limb health care provider.

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