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In an unprecedented show of strength, Great Lakes now offers, a one of its kind, diploma in fiber optic technologies! No-where else in Canada will you be able to find a diploma of this sort. We are the sole providers of this comprehensive diploma. The diploma provides an all-inclusive and wide-ranging comprehensive understanding of fiber optic technology in an unrivaled manner!

The diploma will to equip technicians and engineers with technical and theoretical skills who will then be ready to be deployed in the ongoing broadband initiatives and beyond.

Suited for anyone working with optical fiber at any level, the diploma covers fiber optic infrastructure transmission, construction, cabling, planning, installation, connectors and terminations, splicing – fusion and mechanical, enclosures and panels, installation, test equipment, restoration and maintenance, system components and design, termination, inspection, testing and more.

This course aims to equip students with not only the foundation knowledge and skills, but also elements of innovation in logistics and supply chain management, so that they can be effective in meeting new demands and challenges of the marketplace.

Enhance your skills and profile by understanding the principles of fiber optic and its applications. Enjoy these benefits:​

  • No Pre-Requisite Experience Required: This course is of interest to anyone working with optical fiber, and all technical abilities!

  • Expert, Experienced Instruction: Our experienced training developers are industry experts; dedicated to practical instruction and support to ensure you understand what can be complex material.

  • Enhanced Career Prospects: Self-paced training that prepares you to further your career in networking and infrastructure roles in public and private sectors.

The Diploma spans for six months and will include the following courses:

  • Fiber Optic Fundamentals

  • Fiber Characterization

  • Fiber Optic Installer

  • Fiber Optic Testing

  • Fiber Optic Oil, Gas, Petrochem Specialized Installer

  • Fiber Optics Splicing Specialist

  • Computer Applications

  • Project Management

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