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Executive Assistant Diploma With Practicum

In just 26 weeks, elevate your professional capabilities and immerse yourself in a program designed for the modern executive environment. This intensive course provides a comprehensive grasp of organizational techniques, fundamentals of business law, and robust technology training. From mastering effective business communication and financial accounting to honing in on Canadian business law and office procedures, graduates emerge with a broad spectrum of skills, making them invaluable assets in diverse office settings.

Career Opportunities: Ready to step into the corporate world? Post-completion, you’ll be primed to serve as an assistant to high-level managers or executives in businesses of all scopes and sizes.

Courses Include:

  • Effective Business Communication
  • Bookkeeping Essentials
  • Financial Accounting Essentials
  • Canadian Business Law and Career Planning
  • Real Skills for Professional Workplace Success
  • Canadian Office Procedures
  • Keyboarding Level 1 (Basics) & Level 2 (Speed and Accuracy)
  • Computer Fundamentals (Internet/Windows)
  • MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook (Levels 1, 2 for each)
  • QuickBooks® Level 1
  • Simply Accounting® Level 1
  • MS Access Level 1, 2

Empower your future with the right tools and knowledge to thrive in any executive office environment.

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