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Early Childcare Assistant

Program Description

As an Early Childcare Assistant, you would assist and participate in the day to day operations of a childcare centre. You would help to provide a nurturing, caring environment in which young children can thrive and offer a professional approach while observing and guiding children throughout the day. Children look to the Early Childcare Assistant to provide support and supervision as they play and experience things together. Working with children, you would encourage socialization and enhance children’s self-esteem during daily activities.


Occupational Category

Our Early Childcare Assistant Diploma program is designed to equip childcare workers with valuable knowledge, skills and experience for employment as Assistants in daycare or early learning centers. Early Childcare Assistants work alongside Early Childhood Educators to provide developmentally appropriate childcare. Positive and professional interaction with parents, guardians, team members and children is an essential part of being an Early Childcare Assistant. Once you have earned your diploma, as an Early Childcare Assistant, you can work within: Childcare facilities, Early Learning Centers, Schools.

Course Content

      • ECA module: Theory and in Class Practical 455 hours
        • Introduction to ECCE 20 hours
        • Roles and Responsibilities 45 hours
        • Child, Family and Community 45 hours
        • Introduction to Child Development 30 hours
        • Introduction to Prenatal and Infant Development 30 hours
        • Introduction to Toddler Development 30 hours
        • Health and Safety 40 hours
        • Written Communication 45 hours
        • Observation Skills 35 hours
      • Practicum 1: Infant and Toddler 245 hours
        • Introduction to Preschool Development 30 hours
        • Guiding Children 30 hours
        • Curriculum Planning 45 hours
        • Nutrition 3o hours
      • Practicum 2: Preschool 245 hours
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