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The Early Childcare Assistant (ECA) program is designed to equip childcare workers with valuable knowledge, skills and experience for employment as assistants in daycares or early learning centers. This program gives the students an overview of the responsibility of an early childcare assistant and opportunities to perform those responsibilities. The program presents foundational skills needed for those seeking to move into an Early Childhood Educator program.


ECA program is designed with an aim to train students and provide required skills and knowledge for employment as Early Childcare Assistants in Early Childcare Centers, child support at home or assist an Early Childcare Educators. The program requires the students to take an on-the-job training at the designated Child Care Centers. This hands-on training equips the student further with the practical knowledge to succeed in the field of their study. For those who are aiming to start their own Childcare Centers, this program lays a solid foundation for them to pursue their career as Early Childhood Educator. The courses taken during this program are credited towards attainment of recognized Early Childhood Educators’ certification.

ECA Bridges to ECE

Effective 2016, students who earn an Early Childcare Assistant (ECA) Diploma from CIMT College have the opportunity to receive advanced standing for an Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma, so they can continue their studies into ECE… even going so far as to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education.

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