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Our Data Science and Big Data program introduces the core concepts behind big data problems, applications, and systems. The course will provide students with the ability to identify the characteristics of datasets and the ability to select and implement Big Data models. The course provides insights to techniques for data collection, monitoring, storage, representation and modeling of data, data analytics with Hadoop and MapReduce, predictive modeling and anomaly detection with Hadoop, and building data solution in clustering, and Natural Language Processing.

The students will learn to develop applications using high-level API and compute data with interactive usage. The topics include getting started with Spark, developing and protyping applications, application execution on clusters and High-level libraries such as Spark SWL and MLib.

The program will primarily use the Python programming language and assumes familiarity with linear algebra, probability theory, and programming in Python.


Data Science and Big Data students will understand the foundations on big data integration and processing on Hadoop, retrieve data and apply data integration patterns, design and apply techniques to model data, and handle streaming data. Student will be able to identify Big Data problems, use Spark Shell and write Spark Applications, interact with HDFS, execute Spark applications on clusters, and operate production applications.

Students will be able to perform pre-processing and integration of different sensor data, design and create dashboard for IoT data, apply data processing technologies and perform feature engineering on IoT data.

The project work will build your technical skills by providing a methodological approach towards problem solving using tools and techniques in Data Science and Big Data.

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