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Clinical Research Essential

About Clinical Research Essential:

Clinical research is a core component of Canadian healthcare industry. Many entry-level positions are opened to post-secondary and undergraduate students given that they have mastered some essential skills. Our program is designed to help you learn those skills.

Who should take this workshop:

The CRE workshop is ideal for undergraduate students, international medical graduates (IMGs), nurses (RN, RPN), lab technicians, medical lab assistants, and emergency medical technicians looking to secure entry level research assistant positions.

About our program:

This program prepares you for entering into the fast- paced Canadian research environment and learn about the expectations of clinician/researchers working in academic and private settings, from their research/ office assistants. The course involves classroom teaching and assignments, on how to assist researchers in critically reviewing research documentations.

Program specialty:

  • Convenient class schedule
  • Small group of students for individualized attention and best practical learning experience
  • Highly professional certified instructor working and leading research in a leading institute
  • Experienced faculty with vast Healthcare knowledge to help students throughout the course
  • Special Advantages from a Professional Institution
  • Emphasis on one-to-one support
  • Manual and practical materials provided by Institution
  • Lots of practical knowledge and experience
  • In-person or online options available
  • Ongoing career coaching and guidance from experts in the field
  • Mentorship that will help to build valuable personal and professional networks
  • Large number of students already working in industry and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)
  • The graduates of our program receive support in job search and preparing CVs and applications
  • Recommendation letters- for best students
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