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Certificate in Teaching English for Travel and Tourism

This 20-hour online Certificate in Teaching English for Travel and Tourism specialization course is for English language instructors teaching in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. As people continue to travel around the world, the importance of the hospitality industry and tourism English is increasing dramatically. In fact, knowing how to communicate and respond quickly and effectively in English is becoming a necessity in the tourism sector. Tourism English includes diverse components of the travel and tourism business such as hotel and resort management, food industry, tour operations, and airline services. It is essential to provide the best professional service to both clients and guests.

Course Overview:

This course will help ESL teachers and learners develop the language and skills needed for success in the tourism and hospitality industries. Topics include: background, jobs in tourism, cruise, tour guide, hotels/resorts, airline industry, the attitude, body language, lesson planning, voicemail etiquette, email etiquette, phone etiquette, grammar in context, pronunciation, phrasal verbs and prepositions.

How the course works:

Register here using the secure on-line registration form below. Once your registration has been confirmed by the College you will be sent a user name and password by email to begin the course. You may work at your own pace from any computer with an Internet connection. The course is divided into topics and sections. There are four sections and a multiple choice test after each section. If at first you do not succeed on any of the four tests you can try again until you pass and feel confident to go on to the next section. Once you have completed the course you will be sent your Certificate in Teaching English for Travel and Tourism by mail with a Tourism English Specialist seal that you can affix on your Certificate in Teaching English for Travel and Tourism or on any other ESL/TESL/TEFL/TESOL Certificate or Diploma you may have.

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