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Certificate in Teaching Business English

Business English Certificate

This 20-hour online Certificate in Teaching Business English specialization course is for English instructors working in the corporate sector for business purposes.  There is no question that English is a global language and that professionals need it to communicate successfully with their partners and clients. Hence Business English is one of the most popular ESL courses around the world. Because most business practices traverse national and cultural boundaries our course is designed to accommodate those teaching or learning Business English in an English speaking country or overseas.

Course Overview:

This course will help ESL teachers and learners develop the language and skills needed for success in the global English-speaking business world. Topics include: Background, Grammar, Pronunciation, Lesson Planning, Voicemail Etiquette, Email Etiquette, Phone Etiquette, Business Culture, Contracts, Business Letters, Websites, Glossary of Business Terms.

How the course works:

Register here using the secure on-line registration form below. Once your registration has been confirmed by the College you will be sent a user name and password by email to begin the course. You may work at your own pace from any computer with an Internet connection. The course is divided into topics and sections. There are four sections and a multiple choice test after each section. If at first you do not succeed on any of the four tests you can try again until you pass and feel confident to go on to the next section. Once you have completed the course you will be sent your Certificate in Teaching Business English by mail with a Business English Specialist seal that you can affix on your Certificate in Teaching Business English or on any other ESL/TESL/TEFL/TESOL Certificate or Diploma you may have.

This course is a great add-on to our TESOL Certificate or TESL Diploma programs!

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