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Business Analyst Certificate Course

Whether you’re a professional Business Analyst looking for a refresher in requirements and best practices, or a new Business Analyst wanting to gain hands-on skills and insight in business systems analysis, this Certificate will help you achieve your goal.

Certificate Course Highlights

With the Business Analysis Certificate course you’ll get a 5-day hands-on course designed to introduce core business analysis skills to new entrants in this field. You’ll get experience and insight into business analysis tasks and techniques, which will enable you to apply these skills effectively at the workplace.

Our instructors are professionals with over 8-10 years of industry experience. They act as mentors who help new entrants into the field learn the ropes and develop a road-map to success. At any time, repeat the course for free! CCBST welcomes you back to repeat the course (with the same instructor) up to 3 times within a year at no extra charge.

We also offer free resume preparation and placement help. Are you a new entrant into the field? Unsure of your next steps or unfamiliar situations at the workplace? No Problem! Call or email us at anytime for the extra help you require. Whenever you need us, we’re there to assist you on the road to success.

Course Outline

When you take the Business Analysis Certificate course you can expect to learn:

Day 1 – Planning

  • Introduction to Business Analysis
  • Introduction to SDLC
  • Choosing a Business Analysis Approach
  • Conducting Stakeholder Analysis
  • Overview of JAD
  • Planning Requirements Session
  • Class Activity #1
  • Class Activity #2
  • Project Assignment Review

Day 2 – Gathering

  • Overview of Requirement Types
  • Importance of Requirements Management
  • Class Activity #3
  • Class Activity #4
  • Introduction to UML – Use Case Models
  • Introduction to Rational Rose
  • Class Activity #5
  • Class Activity #6
  • Project Assignment Review

Day 3 – Analysis

  • Introduction to Requisite Pro
  • Creating Use Case Specifications
  • Introduction to UML – Activity Diagrams
  • Creating UI Prototypes
  • Class Activity #7
  • Class Activity #8
  • Project Assignment Review

Day 4 – Analysis

  • Creating Requirement Packages
  • Base-lining & Sign-off Procedures
  • Creating Quality SRS Documents
  • Conducting Successful Requirement Walkthrough Sessions
  • Class Activity #9
  • Project Assignment Review

Day 5 – Validation

  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Introduction to Mercury Quality Centre
  • Class Presentation

Career Opportunities

With the CCBST Business Analysis Certificate you can work as a Business Analyst in a variety of business settings, such as:

  • Small businesses
  • Large corporations
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Government Agencies
  • Private Institutions
  • and more!
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