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Bookkeeping & Financial Accounting

Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Level 1 and 2

Program Overview

AIMS College offers 2 short courses in Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting, divided into 2 extrapolating levels, each of 60 hours.

Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Level 1 introduces students to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), recording business transactions using the rules of double-entry bookkeeping. In addition, students will learn how to prepare to adjust journal entries and prepare basic financial statements.

Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Level 2 builds on the Level 1 foundation that includes Using Special Journals and Subsidiary Ledgers, recording entries for Merchandise companies, assigning Costs to Inventory, LIFO, FIFO, Moving Weighted Average, Specific Identification, Petty Cash & Bank Reconciliations and Payroll Accounting.

Who Should Attend ?

  • For candidates looking to branch out their existing portfolios in Accounting, Bookkeeping
  • Gain knowledge about fundamentals of Accounting and Bookkeeping with our shortest Accounting course

Upon Completion, Students Will be able to

  • Establish company records;
  • Maintain daily transactions using the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, account reconciliation and payroll features; and Create financial statements.
  • Create financial statements.
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