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Bookkeeping Course – Level 1

“Bookkeeping is for everyone” is a level 1 certificate course that covers the fundamentals of bookkeeping with the newcomer in mind. Bookkeeping is more than just memorizing terms and procedures; it’s a whole new way of thinking about finances. This course assumes students have no prior knowledge about accounting or finance, and delivers lessons and examples to build accounting skills. Specifically, this class addresses accounting terminology, revenue, expenses, net income, the accounting equation, debits, credits, and balancing the accounting formula, the accounting structure, the accounting cycle, journals, ledgers, the trial balance and more. It also guides students to learn how to read financial statements properly, and how to grab meaningful information from the balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements.

Program Objective

The main objective of this course is for each student to understand fundamental accounting concepts as well as be able to read and extract meaningful information from financial statements. Knowing accounting will help you improve your own finances, improve your company’s bottom line, and help start you on your way to becoming a profitable entrepreneur. Accounting is used in almost every aspect of our lives, it is a necessary skill.

Career Opportunities

Bookkeeping professionals are increasingly in demand at major corporations, financial institutions, government agencies and in just about any business. The job market for bookkeeping professionals allows them to earn very attractive salaries.
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