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Big Data

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

What is Big Data?
Dimensions of Big data 6 Vs
Why do we bother Big Data?
Challenge of Existing Systems
What is Hadoop?
Benefits of History of Hadoop
Characteristics of Hadoop
Hadoop Customers and their use cases
Popular Hadoop Vendors and Distributions
Hadoop Certifications details

Architecture of Hadoop 1.x and Hadoop 2.x

What is Master-Slave Architecture?
Hadoop 1.0 and 2.0 Architecture
Concepts of Blocks, Replication and Rack Awareness
File read and write anatomy
Coherency model
Q/A and Exercises

Installation & Configuration of Hadoop

Installation options and Pre-Requisites
Cloudera Distributed Hadoop CDH) installation
Hadoop Installation Modes
Hadoop Configuration File
Basic Linux and Hadoop Commands     Demo


What is MapReduce?
Why MapReduce?
Benefits of using MapReduce
Word Count example using MapReduce and Eclipse
More Hands-on using real world datasets such as (Number of sub-patents), Calculate
max Temperature, Find Hot and cold days, Word size and word count, health
Care Datasets
Real-world casestudies
Q/A and Quiz

Advanced Mapreduce

Partitioners and Combiners
Map side and Reduce side Joins
Q/A and Quiz


What is PIG?
Why Pig?
Who uses Pig?
Use cases of Pig in real World
Setting up and Starting up Pig
Pig Handson Loading, Querying and Analyzing data
Pig Scripts and UDF Concepts and Handson
Q/A and Quiz


What is Hive?
Why Hive?
Who uses Hive?
Difference between Pig and Hive
Use cases of Hive in real World
Setting up and Starting up Hive Hive Hands-on- Loading, Querying and Analyzing data
Hive UDF
Partitioning and Bucketing in Hive
Play with Hive advance parameters such as Dynamic Partitioning etc.
Usage scenarios of using Pig And Hive Together
Advance Hive Codes
Q/A and Quiz

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