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Accounting, Payroll, and Business Administrator

Program details

Windows OS

This module teaches students to understand the basic computer operating system, saving and protecting data (files), customizing user desktop

MS Word

This program will prepare students to create documents such as letters, memos and reports which could be used for efficient communication and reporting

MS Excel

This Program teaches the concept of electronics spared sheet processing using Excel

MS Outlook

This program teaches how to use Outlook for mailing, maintaining contacts managing tasks and scheduling through electronically

MS PowerPoint

This program will prepare students to create PowerPoint presentations which can be used to make ITproject presentation to clients

Accounting Fundamentals

Teaches students basic bookkeeping, journal entries, worksheet, statements preparation, adjustment journal entries, year-end closing entries and bank reconciliations.

Sage 50 – Simply Accounting

Teaches students to understand and function proficiently in the Simply accounting Software such as create sales and purchase forms (quotes, orders & invoices), financial statements and writing cheques


Teaches students to setup enter account data and reconcile accounts in QuickBooks and create sales and purchase forms (quotes, orders & invoices), financial statements and writing cheques

Sage 300 ERP – Accpac

Teaches students to setup company and add accounts in Accpac, also create single and batch entries for sales and purchase transactions and create reports

Business English

This course teaches how to use English language in business, to communicate information that is complete, corrected comprehensive and valuable.

Business Communication

Upon successful completion of this course candidates will be able to communicate effectively in a modern Canadian work environment.

Office Procedures

Teach the candidate various office skills that they can apply at their work place. Students will learn skills such as creating various documents such as letters, memorandum, reports research information, managing day to day administrative functions, scheduling appointments, setting up meetings and conferences, maintaining electronic and manual files, administrating travel arrangements, purchasing office supplies and handling incoming/outgoing mails.

Human Resource Management

This module teaches, how the Human Resource Management works with today workplace and how to manage staffs in small, medium and large size organization. Also teaches students the knowledge in how to hire new employees and evaluating existing employees.

Payroll Compliance Legislation

This course will provide students with the payroll-related legislation affecting organizations, as well as the tools to find information and apply that information to different scenarios in relation to individual pay

Payroll Fundamental 1

This course will provide how to calculate individual pay and all components of individual pay from remuneration, through deductions, to net pay for both regular and non-regular situations.

Payroll Fundamental 2

This course will provide how to calculate and report the government and third party remittances, year-end requirements and accounting for payroll at the compliance level for the organization.

Practicum Placement

Placement for 200 hours will provide the student with the opportunity to apply the theories and skills acquired in the classroom setting in a hands-on, workplace-based setting

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