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The term rough terrain Fork lift/lift truck/lift truck is usually applied to fork lift/lift truck/lift trucksĀ  used at construction sites, lumberyards, or other outside areas where the ground has not been improved for use by conventional vehicles. Such trucks are not likely to be used indoors except under unusual circumstances.

There are several different types of rough terrain fork lift/lift truck/lift trucks in use. The two most common types are:

  • Variable reach rough terrain fork lift/lift truck/lift truck is designed for use outdoors on unimproved ground; features a telescoping boom, similar to the boom of a hydraulic crane.
  • Vertical mast rough terrain fork lift/lift truck/lift truck is designed for use outdoor on unimproved ground; features a mast attached to the front similar to the mast on an industrial fork lift/lift truck/lift truck.

These trucks fall into class 7.

Vertical mast and variable reach rough terrain fork lift/lift truck/lift trucks share many of the same components, as do other types of fork lift/lift truck/lift trucks. These common parts include lights, counterweight, controls, gauges, and hydraulic systems.

Rough terrain fork lift/lift trucks are powered with internal combustion engines. They usually are powered with diesel engines, but some are powered with gasoline or liquid propane gas engines.

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