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Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force

Formally known as Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT)

The Threat Pattern Recognition (TPR) Use of Force is a system that examines the patterns associated with an assault or a lethal assault and engineers a tactical solution based on science and motor performance. The TPR system embraces the realities of time, and engineers solutions that change tactical timelines. This system is an outcome of Pressure Point Control Tactics’ (PPCT’s), tactical, legal, and medical research, as well as PPCT’s Survival Reactions Time Research.

Program Description

This course is completed in 38 hours over 5 days.

Candidates will learn:

  • Evolution of Human Factor Engineered System
  • HFRG Threat Pattern Recognition Methodology
  • HFRG Design Methodology
  • HFRG Combat Human Factors
  • HFRG Combat Use of Force and Survival Principals
  • HFRG Tactical Handcuffing:
  • HRFG Escort Position and Joint Lock Control
  • HFRG Pressure Point Control Tactics
  • HRFG Defensive Counter Strikes
  • HRFG Shoulder Pin Restraint System
  • HRFG Impact Weapon/Collapsible Baton System:
  • HRFG Weapon Retention/Disarming
  • HRFG Identifying the Limits of Firefight Performance and the Threat Pattern Recognition Solution
  • TPR Resistance Movement Time Examples
  • HRFG Training Protocols
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