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Residential Real Estate Broker

Residential Real Estate Broker

The residential real estate broker program, with duration of 465 hours, is given in two 15-week semesters. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to take the final exam required for the procurement of a residential Real Estate Broker license. Duration: 465 hours (2 sessions – 6 months)

Perspectives Employment

Employment prospects are very satisfactory in this area. The placement rate is 80%. The main tasks of a graduate are to: analyze the real estate brokerage market, apply the laws and regulations relating to real estate brokerage, adopt professional behavior in their immovable property brokerage practice, appreciate the construction quality and standards for residential buildings, estimate the market value of residential property, carry out brokerage transactions relating to contracts for the sale, purchase or lease of a residential building, and overseeing operations such as promises to purchase, lease or exchange of residential buildings.

List of Courses

  • • Work function of Real Estate Broker(60h)
  • • Fundamentals of Real Estate (60 hours)
  • • Interpersonal Real Estate Broker (45h)
  • • Real Estate Mathematics (45h)
  • • Real Estate Brokerage Law (45h)
  • • Presentation of buildings, purchase offer (60h)
  • • Construction quality of a building (45h)
  • • Residential Real Estate Valuation (45 hours)
  • • Brokerage Contracts (residential buildings) (45h)
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