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Medication Administration

Program Summary

Enabling the PSW with qualifications.

The Medication Administration for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) program trains individuals in all aspects of dealing with medication in any work environment.

You learn about the laws, administration routes, protocols, types of medication and how a PSW can protect themselves within the work environment when medication is part of their scope. This program also enables the PSW to give medication in a safe manner.

Skills Aquired:

  • The PSW will gain knowledge in the common medication administered by a PSW;
  • The PSW will acquire accurate information on the legal aspect of administering medication including the controlled Acts in Ontario;
  • The PSW will obtain, develop and master the different skills necessary in medication administration;
  • The PSW will understand the different rights of medication;
  • THE PSW will show a return demonstration on administering medication through different routes.
Medication Administration for PSWs Program Facts:
  • Approved as a non-vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
  • Taught by trained professionals in the industry – they have real-world experience
  • Covered by Liability Insurance
  • Fully covered by WSIB
Our PSW Program includes:
  • Theory, Laws and Training in giving Medication (in class Theory)
  • Grand Health Academy has been established to train competent, caring, health care professionals.
  • With the help of qualified staff and modern technology, the student will exhibit personal growth.
  • This course is designed to prepare individuals with the learning of basic nursing skills to function in the long term care setting, assisting the elderly, disabled and patient in need of receiving medication.
  • The graduate will be prepared to work as a team member under the supervision of registered practitioners and (in certain circumstances) alone in a work environment.
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