Image Capture

Master the technical aspects of capturing light with modern DSLR cameras. Gain an in-depth understanding of camera settings, functions and controls and learn studio and location lighting techniques.

Creative Imaging

Being a successful photographer requires creativity, talent and a good grasp of the elements of design. In this class you will learn the key elements of visual design using digital, analogue and hybrid photographic techniques.

Digital Techniques

The Digital Techniques class goes beyond just the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom. Learn the keys to digital asset management and how to edit, enhance, print and deliver professional quality images.

Motion Imaging

Modern DSLRs now allow photographers to capture cinematic and broadcast-quality video. In the Motion Imaging component of the Diploma Program you will learn the principles of video capture, post production, editing and delivery.

Industry Studies

Want to open your own photo business? Dreaming of a career as a freelance photographer or looking to land a salaried position? This class covers the business fundamentals you need to follow your own path to success.

Field Trips, Guest Speakers & More.

Sharpen your skills in the field and get inside information from professional photographers, artists, videographers and industry professionals invited to the school to lead field trips and present their work.