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College of Morden Inc.

171 North Railway Street, Morden MB

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Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Skilled Trades, Auto, Fire Programs

  • The College of Morden currently offers Industrial Welding which focuses on equipping students with the necessary skills to succeed in the welding field. The learning outcomes of the course include:
    • Read and interpret blueprints and basic technical documents, reports and specifications to inform welding projects.
    • Complete all welding work in compliance with current legislation, standards, regulations, guidelines and procedures.
    • Contribute to the writing of basic technical documents, reports and specifications to inform welding projects.
    • Plan for and contribute to fabrication projects through the appropriate selection and use of processes, materials and preventive and predictive maintenance.
    • Maintain and use appropriate measuring equipment and alignment instruments with accuracy, to perform basic technical measurements and welding functions.
    • Use shop tools and equipment in manufacturing, assembling, maintaining and repairing components according to required specifications and industry standards.
    • Set up and safely operate equipment for Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) processes.
    • Assess weld quality and implement corrective action where required to follow quality control and quality assurance procedures and meet organizational standards and requirements.
    • Set up and operate equipment for Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) applications and perform these in all positions.
    • Outline a professional development plan that addresses one's own gaps in knowledge and skills in the greater context of the welder profession.

Morden Campus

The College of Morden is an educational institution offering welding courses for students to learn through theory and practical assessments. The college aims to provide a solid understanding of the courses offered to students to prepare them for the real world where they will be able to utilize their acquired knowledge into real world applications.

The college wishes to lay a solid foundation through academic learning for students and to set them up on a path of success.

Mission Statement

The College of Morden aims to learn, teach, challenge and innovate as one with the students by providing practical and theoretical practices through its academic learning.

The college is targeting to provide individuals with the hands-on knowledge required to succeed. The college is wanting to create international partnerships to assist in completing the mission and to help cultivate successful individuals.

*All student funding, whether made available privately or through various government branches, is only approved to those who qualify, by the original source of funding. There are many criteria that each candidate must meet to be approved. Schools can only inform you of what may be available.