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Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Business, Accounting, Marketing Programs

  • This program corresponds to 1222 – Executive assistants of the National Occupational Classification. This profession is among the most in demand in Québec according to the online site LMI.

    Duties for which students are prepared for, include:

    • Analyzing memos, briefs and reports received and to be sent, preparing presentations and reports for executives, committees or boards of directors, and coordinating the preparation, production and presentation of these documents;
    • Supporting management in managing the agenda, priorities, communications, expenditure management, and in the carrying out of its mandates;
    • Supporting management in the recruitment of personnel and ensuring work team management;
    • Setting up an internal document management and tracking system while ensuring quality control of documents;
    • Managing the accounting of expense accounts, budgets, invoices, and bank accounts;
    • Solve administrative problems independently;
    • Preparing agendas for committees, boards of directors, and other meetings, and arranging for the holding of such meetings;
    • Conducting research, compiling data and preparing documents for review and presentation by senior management, committees and boards of directors;
    • Meeting with special interest groups and other individuals or groups on behalf of management, committees and boards of directors, to identify issues and to assess and recommend various courses of actions;
    • Liaising with senior management or departments or companies, and other organizations or associations, on behalf of management, committees and boards of directors.
  • The computerized financial management program is designed to prepare students to become qualified as accounting and financial management technicians.

    This occupation corresponds to the National Occupational Classification of NOC-1311 Accounting technicians and bookkeepers.

    Accounting technicians and bookkeepers perform some or all of the following duties:
    • Keep financial records and establish, maintain and balance various accounts using computerized bookkeeping systems;
    • Post journal entries and reconcile accounts, prepare trial balance of books, maintain general ledgers and prepare financial statements;
    • Calculate and prepare cheques for payrolls and for utility, tax and other bills;
    • Complete and submit tax remittance forms, workers' compensation forms, pension contribution forms and other government documents;
    • Prepare tax returns and perform other personal bookkeeping services;
    • Prepare other statistical, financial and accounting reports. Students will be prepared to work in a field related to retail trade, in particular.
  • The program is almost entirely based on the technical competencies of the reference DEC, i.e. 18 competenciesout of 26. The College has retained the competencies dealing with self-management, the skills and knowledge of managing a business in the era of e-commerce, using IT in day-to-day and inventory management, and opening up to international markets.

    Educational objectives

    In accordance with the goals of technical training, the specific training component of the Business management program aims to:

    • Make the person component in carrying out their profession, i.e. enable them, from the moment they enter the workforce, to perform the roles, duties, tasks and activities associated with that profession;
    • Encourage the integration of the person into professional life, especially through knowledge of the labour market in general and in the specific context of the chosen profession;
    • Promote the development and deepening of the person’s professional knowledge;
    • Encourage the person’s professional mobility by enabling them, among other things, to acquire the means to manage their career, in particular by making them aware of entrepreneurship.
    It aims to provide students with all the key concepts through
    • Application of management software for analytical, financial and inventory management purposes;
    • Marketing, promotional and customer service strategies;
    • Commercial and international law;
    • Budget management and expenditure tracking;
    • Sales in international markets.

    Each session of the program includes a course in integrating learning, starting with basic management and culminating in the management of a project that comes closer to the reality of a business manager.

    Competencies that were not retained cover English, sales team management and the physical layout of a business. These competencies were removed to encourage the acquisition of specific competencies directly linked to professional tasks in financial management, marketing, personnel management, customer management, and in international trade.

Quebec City Campus

Collège Avalon is a Quebec-based education institution established in 1995 with the mission of inspiring students to pursue their dreams, empower them to shape their future and equip them to succeed. Building on over 25 years of experience and success as a high-quality provider of adult education and skills training, Avalon has expanded its curriculum to include a range of business programs designed to foster personal growth, global awareness and employability in a rapidly changing environment.

Our expansion includes a new campus in Montreal, a multilingual and multicultural hub that is home to highly ranked universities and colleges and to innovative businesses from all over the world. Collège Avalon is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

*All student funding, whether made available privately or through various government branches, is only approved to those who qualify, by the original source of funding. There are many criteria that each candidate must meet to be approved. Schools can only inform you of what may be available.