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Business, Accounting, Marketing Programs

  • Get Real World Training in Business Administration

    Diverse interests together with high motivation, a career in Business Administration can take you to the top of almost an industry. Coupled with hands-on working knowledge gained from the course and work experience, you can create your business career, your way. Why study business administration? With the knowledge you gain from an accelerated business program you will be able to start-up or manage an organization. Moreover, you will have the skill-set to support the financial growth of a company and effectively manage product and people.
    • Prepare for the workforce with project based learning.
    • Equip yourself with versatile skill-set to become a vital member of any business organization.
    • Learn the latest industry-standard software.
  • Preparing you to Lead Businesses of 21st Century

    Finding the right career is not an easy task. That said, many professionals spend years searching for the career that offers good pay package, job satisfaction and growth opportunities.  Professionals with business administration diploma play an instrumental role in overall growth of the company. Applied business administration diploma offers large scope of knowledge and opportunities in varied domains. Our applied business administration diploma is uniquely designed to prepare students to gain essential know-how of marketing, accounting, e-business and business planning. Making you all-rounder with practical experience.

    Be Job-ready with Real-world Experience in Business Administration

    Our applied business administration course offers project based learning. Which means you will have the chance to apply theoretical knowledge to practice in real- world              scenarios. From job-readiness to essential skills for self-employments, we prepare students to succeed in whatever path they choose to pursue.
      • Prepare to strategize effectively as well as implement processes and lead successfully.
      • Equip yourself with practical, analytical and problem-solving skills to run a successful businesses.
      • Learn from industry experts in real-world project based environment for hands-on experience and better job opportunities.
  • Take your Business Career to the next level

    Building the skills you need to succeed, starts with an Executive Management in Business Administration diploma. Do you want to manage complex investment portfolios as a Financial Analyst? Or create and implement strategies to excite customers as a Marketing Manager? Equipped with a versatile skill-set and able to work in almost every industry, executive managers in business administration play a vital role in  the long-term, as well as the day-to-day operations of an organization.
    • Prepare yourself for global career opportunities in business administration.
    • Equip yourself with critical problem solving skills, subsequently being able to grow any business.
    • Learn to utilize tactical standpoints and therefore address critical business issues.
  • Preparing you for a Versatile Career in Accounting, Payroll and Bookkeeping

    “Accounting is the new language of business”- rightly said by Warren Buffet. In order for a business to say productive, effective and profitable, they need good accountants. Small, medium or multinational enterprises, no matter what structure it is, financial strength is crucial. You don’t have to be a math genius to enroll, interest is what matters.  

    Get Ready for In-demand Career in Accounting and Payroll Administration

    BizTech College’s Professional Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Administration program is designed to facilitate students with versatile skill-set. You will receive hands-on training and free subscription to Accounting & Payroll Administration latest software such as Sage and QuickBooks. Our expert faculty also prepares you for professional certifications such as Certified Payroll Manager (CPM) and Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP).
    • Prepare yourself for a multidimensional career in accounting, payroll administration and bookkeeping.
    • Equip yourself with hands-on training in latest technologies and professional certifications for varied career opportunities.
    • Learn Canadian payroll, taxation, office tools and business communications from subject-matter experts.
  • Gain hands-on training to become face of Healthcare Services

    As you answer the phone, you hear a distressed parent on the other end. Given that their child has been suffering from inner ear pain, they need to make an appointment with the doctor. As a Medical Assistant/Office Administrator (MOA), you calmly communicate with the parent, coupled with collecting the necessary information to book an appointment. In addition to booking the appointment, you reassure the parent their child will be happy and healthy again in no time.

    Medical Assistants Provide Vital High-Quality Support to Health-Care Professionals

    MOA professionals are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of an office. As well as ensuring the clear, efficient communication between patients, physicians and other medical professionals, MOA’s manage the day to day operations of their clinic or unit.

    As a medical office assistant, you are a problem solver who is able to work in a fast past and potentially chaotic environment.

    • Prepare yourself with hands-on training for a career in medical office administration and provide patient support.
    • Equip yourself with medical office software training, including OHIP billing.
    • Learn excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills.

Healthcare, Wellness, Pharma Programs

  • Preparing You to Face Critical Pre-Hospital Care & Emergency Situations

    Working in a fast-paced environment, primary care paramedic play a vital role in the healthcare system. Using critical thinking and fast decision making skills, paramedics provide emergency, pre-hospital care to anyone, in any medical emergency.


    It sounds exciting, however, to become a paramedic, one has to go through rigorous training. BizTech College’s paramedic program offers hands-on training in providing quality care in a timely manner by assessing patients, safely operating EMS vehicles, ensuring public safety and much more.

    Get Trained in all Areas of Emergency & Critical Care

    As a primary care paramedic student at BizTech College in Mississauga, you will:
    • Prepare yourself in all areas of emergency care, and qualify for Toronto paramedic jobs.
    • Equip yourself with the clinical skills essential in traumatic and medical emergencies. Field training in advanced paramedic care.
    • Learn to communicate in an engaging manner with patients and exceeding response time standards.
  • Advance your Career in Cardiovascular Technology

    Cardiovascular sonography technologists, also referred to as cardiac sonographers or cardiac ultrasound technicians, help physicians diagnose cardiac as well as peripheral vascular ailments inpatient using diagnostic imaging technology. Cardiovascular technologists work in a variety of healthcare settings and generally practice medical and technical duties under the invasive or non-invasive cardiology.

    Get trained in all areas of Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography

    Registered with Accreditation Canada under Diagnostic medical sonography, our cardiovascular sonography technologist program offers in-depth knowledge of diagnostic cardiac sonography.
      • Prepare for a rewarding career with theoretical and clinical skills in cardiac sonography.
      • Equip yourself with a versatile skill-set in cardiac, vascular, and echocardiography modalities.
      • Learn from industry professionals and practice in a clinical setting.
  • Get Hands-on Training in Medical Laboratory Technician Procedures in a Medical Lab

    Medical Lab Technician School for aspiring professionals

    Physicians often rely on an inside look into the human body in order to make a clear, accurate diagnosis. As a Medical Laboratory Technician, you can provide the missing piece in the diagnosis process bringing clinical answers from the medical lab. Consequently, a Medical Laboratory Technician can play a vital role in the whole healthcare system.

    Get Immersed in a Medical Lab Environment

    As you gain the hands-on skills in your field of study needed for the collection and analysis of patient blood and specimen samples, from a medical laboratory technician program, you will become a trusted healthcare medical professional. You will gain the skills to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, match organs, and blood donors, in addition to performing routine laboratory procedures. You will also be prepared for MLPAO (formerly known as OSMT) certification exam.
    • Prepare yourself with hands-on medical training to play a vital role in the healthcare system as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Prepping patients and set up Holter monitors for longer cardiac studies as a laboratory technician
    • Equip yourself with a versatile, and in-demand skill set; Communication and interpersonal skills in a medical lab or office.
    • Learn how to collect patient specimen samples, set up ECGs to monitor heart rates in patients and perform the required analysis as a Medical Laboratory Technician.
  • Become a Registered Nurse in Canada – NCLEX–RN/RPN Prep Course

    Working in nearly every medical setting, nurses play a vital role in the healthcare system. In addition to assessing patients, administering medications and treatments, registered nurses educate patients and families about various sicknesses or ailments. Advanced Nursing Principles program and NCLEX Prep Course  help Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) and residents of Canada to become a Registered Nurse (RN) in Canada.

    Get Hands-on Training to Launch your Nursing Career in Canada

    This prep course provides hands-on skills to tackle real-world situations. In addition to theoretical knowledge, language and analytical skills to clear nursing license exam.  In addition to course reviews, you will have real-world experience, which helps you drastically speed up the learning process for the NCLEX exam.
    • Prepare yourself for a rewarding Nursing in Canada and the USA.
    • Equip yourself with practical and theoretical know-how to successfully pass the NCLEX Exam and gain Canadian licensing.
    • Learn the Canadian standards of nursing from subject matter experts.
  • Get Ready to Launch your Medical Career

    Is it the rush and excitement of working in the Emergency Room?  Or the expert skill and precision required in open heart surgery? Maybe it is simply a passion for helping others that motivates you to become a medical doctor. Earning a Pre-Medical Diploma in Canada will prepare you to launch your medical sooner than you thought.
    • Prepare yourself for medical school, with a pre-medical diploma.  
    • Equip yourself with the pre-med requirements, afterward attending Caribbean medical school.
    • Learn anatomy and physiology, as well as critical problem solving.
  • Get Ready For a Rewarding Career in Healthcare with Our PSW Program in Mississauga

    Personal Support Workers wake up every day with the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. PSWs play an important role in the healthcare system, making a direct, meaningful impact on the lives of patients. A promising start in healthcare profession, PSWs assist elderly, expectant/nursing mothers, new parents and persons with disability or injuries. BizTech College’s 26 week program helps you gain required skills to be a support worker in Ontario.

    Be Job-Ready with Hands-On Training and Clinical Placements

    As a personal support worker, you will be working in a wide range of environments. The role assigned depends on the training and previous experience of the candidate. Our PSW course in Mississauga, offers required medical training along with clinical placements.
      • Prepare yourself to assist patients with daily tasks and walking them through difficult situations.
      • Equip yourself with a strong skill-set, centered on patient care. Inter-personal communication, medical terminology and training.
      • Learn critical skills in order to provide the highest level of patient care. Certifications in First Aid & CPR.
  • Add on to your Clinical Skill-set with an ECG Certification

    Whether you are looking to start your healthcare career, or increase your marketability, ECG certification is a promising addition to your resume. ECG certified professionals work in a variety of healthcare settings- hospitals, laboratories or cardiologist offices. BizTech College’s ECG certification program offers hands-on training and in-depth knowledge of the subject in lab environment.
    • Prepare yourself for effective use of the equipment and medical techniques to record the electrical impulses.
    • Equip yourself with knowledge and skills for better career opportunities.
    • Learn in advanced labs in guidance of subject matter experts and practitioners.
  • Get Hands-on Phlebotomy Training

    If you have donated blood or have medical tests done, you have met a phlebotomist. With the increasing demand for certified professionals in the healthcare industry, Phlebotomy certification will help you kick-start your career in the medical field.
    • Prepare yourself to collect, as well, as handle blood specimens.
    • Equip yourself with a skill-set required in a variety of healthcare settings.
    • Learn with hands-on training in the guidance of industry professionals.

Technology, Networking Programs

  • Start a career in technology in just 10 Weeks!

    In a technology-driven world, computer/laptops are the backbones of any business. Computer Service technicians play a vital role in maintaining computers and servers for businesses.  BizTech College’s Computer Service Technician certificate program offers in-depth knowledge of Hardware Fundamentals and the Microsoft Windows family of the operating system.
    • Prepare yourself with the right skill-set through hands-on training to enter the technology sector.
    • Equip yourself with industry-standard certifications and job-ready skills to excel in the chosen career path.
    • Learn with industry practitioners in modernized IT labs.
  • Be ready for a High-impact Technology Career!

    Can you imagine a world without computer systems?  With technological advancements, the need for IT specialists is in demand more than ever. The objective of the Computer Systems Technology diploma is to train the students who have completed their school education and want to advance their career in the IT industry. The students will get the basic knowledge of Programming, Virtualization, Networking, Cloud Concepts, Linux Operating System and can make the decision to advance their career in their favorite path in the IT industry. This diploma will also give essential knowledge and skills to start a successful career in the Information Technology Industry.
    • Prepare yourself for an emerging career in Information technology.
    • Equip yourself with in-depth know-how of Information technology infrastructure and latest technologies.
    • Learn from industry practitioners and earn certifications for enhanced career opportunities.
  • Get Hands-on Training to Launch a Successful Career in IT

    Technology has become a way of life, and companies are conducting businesses over the web more than ever. Thus, the need for qualified system administrators or Sysadmin to maintain and run smooth operations is more than ever. System administrator certificate at BizTech College offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills in a specialist area within Information Technology support.
    • Prepare for a cutting-edge career in IT services and Infrastructure.
    • Equip yourself with the latest technologies and industry certifications for better career opportunities.
    • Learn in high-tech labs with industry and subject matter experts.
  • Get Ready for One of the Highest Paid Technology Careers!

    As more information passes through the internet, cyber-attacks are on the rise. For this reason, trained professionals are crucial in protecting data, in today’s cyber-centered world. Networking and Cyber Security Engineers protect data and users online, thus playing a vital role in the Information Technology system. In addition to protecting users from malicious online attacks, cyber security professionals perform necessary for backup procedures.
    • Prepare to implement strategies to secure networks and minimize cyber threats.
    • Equip yourself to deter and prevent cyber-crime and manage networks.
    • Learn to install, manage, operate, plan, troubleshoot and protect computer networks and cloud-based systems.
  • Preparing you for an In-Demand Technology Career!

    Seamless, secure communication is essential for businesses. Network System Engineer ensures the smooth functioning of the network within the organization. As a network system engineer graduate from BizTech College, you will be prepared to enter the rapidly growing IT sector in Canada. As a student, you will gain hands-on training to install, optimize, test, and evaluate computer networks.
    • Prepare to meet the increasing nationwide demand for network system engineers.
    • Equip yourself with essential computer networking skills coupled with professional certifications.
    • Learn the latest technologies and earn certifications for enhanced career opportunities.
  • Be Ready for a Globally In-demand IT Career!

    Cloud computing has changed the way we conduct business. The on-demand delivery of database, storage, applications, and other IT resources is less time consuming and cost-effective.  It gives you access to servers, storage, databases, and a broad set of application services over the Internet. Cloud computing has become an integral part of the digital economy. Because of its power to fundamentally change how businesses operate and compete, the cloud is a game-changer for the enterprise. BizTech College’s Cloud engineer diploma offers in-depth knowledge of cloud service models.
      • Prepare to mobilize and secure cloud architecture.
      • Equip yourself with the latest industry certification for exceptional career opportunities.
      • Learn from industry practitioners in advanced lab settings.
  • Get Job-ready Training to Kick-Start Your IT Career

    Every business depends on computer networks, and with rise in digital economy network technicians are in-demand more than ever. From setting up computer systems to maintaining a Local-area network, Computer Technicians have a versatile role. BizTech College’s Computer Network Technician Diploma prepares you to launch a successful career in variety of business settings. You will gain hands-on training on computer hardware coupled with networking concepts and techniques.
      • Prepare to handle basic IT infrastructure support service, information system and network administration.
      • Equip yourself with CompTIA certification to launch a successful career in technology sector.
      • Learn from industry practitioners in advanced lab settings.
  • Get Ready for an Exciting Career in Mobile App Design & Development!

    Mobile application have changed the way we shop, bank and communicate. As a Mobile Application Design Engineer, you will bring ideas to life. With projected revenues into the billions, the mobile app design industry is the unmitigated moving force on the business horizon! Biztech College’s diploma in Mobile Application Design focuses on core fundamentals to develop and design applications for mobile and tablet devices. Students gain hands-on skills in advanced topics in mobile app development, user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and enterprise technologies.
      • Prepare to actualize project integration and delivery.
      • Equip yourself with a variety of industry standard professional certifications.
      • Learn to program using multiple mobile application development platforms.
  • Be Job-Ready with Versatile Skill-Set in Network Administration

    As the economy moves towards digital, businesses rely heavily on computers and networks for smooth operations. Network Administrator ensure day-to-day activities run effectively and add on to the business growth. BizTech College’s Computer Network Administrator diploma prepares you to manage and maintain an organization’s infrastructure effectively.  Hands-on training, experiential learning and industry-standard certifications ensure you have the right tools to launch a successful career.
      • Prepare yourself for increasing demand for certified IT professionals globally.
      • Equip yourself with industry-standard certifications to stay above the competition.
      • Learn from industry practitioners in advanced IT lab settings.

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