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Possible funding to those who qualify*

  • Alberta Student Aid Program
  • Second Career
  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Bursaries
  • Scholarships


Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Business, Accounting, Marketing Programs

  • BCA’s Medical Office Administrator program will help you develop skills in the four key areas of: medical terminology, medical office administrative skills, medical transcription, and word processing. In addition, the program fosters the development of interpersonal skills, organizational effectiveness, and communication skills, which are necessary to function in a complex and demanding medical environment.

    Medical Office Assistants perform some or all of the following duties:

      • Schedule and confirm medical appointments; receive and communicate messages for medical staff and patients
      • Prepare, key in, edit, and proofread medical records, reports, articles, case histories and correspondence from machine dictation, shorthand and handwritten notes using computers
      • Interview patients in order to complete forms, documents and case histories
      • Complete insurance and other claim forms
      • Initiate and maintain confidential medical files and records
      • Prepare financial statements and billing procedures
      • Order supplies and maintain inventory
      • Determine and establish office procedures and routines
      • May supervise and train other staff in procedures and in the use of current software

Healthcare, Wellness, Pharma Programs

  • Personal Support Workers play an important role in the Canadian healthcare system. At BCA’s PSW program, you will learn how to improve the quality of life of your patients, including assisting with their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This holistic approach to well-being will allow you to differentiate yourself in the highly competitive healthcare field. You will also learn how to assist clients various needs such as: helping with personal hygiene, assisting their mobility challenges, ensuring proper nutrition, creating a care plan, helping with medications and cognitive issues, as well as identifying and reporting signs of elder abuse. In addition, you will receive your Standard First Aid Certificate and CPR Certificate before being placed in industry-relevant placement opportunities. Hands-on Healthcare Training The Personal Support Worker program gives you industry-focused, relevant training to help you excel in various care environments. The final stages of the PSW program are two practicum placements, totaling 310 hours over eight weeks, with one at a community organization, and the second at a care facility. These work placements ensure that you will be job-ready and prepared to move into your new career as a personal support worker.

Languages, ESL Programs

  • BCLA (Best Care Language Academy, a subsidiary of Best Care Academy) offers a preparatory course for Canada’s #1 English proficiency test. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) has become the world’s most popular English language test for academic, employment and immigration purposes. This course will not only allow you to successfully pass the IELTS exam, but will also help you build the confidence to engage in new and interesting activities, increase your chances of being accepted into your desired college or university, achieve your needed license designation, and meet the English requirements for your immigration and Canadian citizenship. The IELTS program at BCLA is geared towards helping its students achieve their dream IELTS score. The qualified and experienced teachers are passionate about explaining the exam and breaking down seemingly complex questions into simple, manageable steps to ensure maximum understanding. BCLA will help strengthen you in the four skills of the test (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and provide test taking strategies that will make students as comfortable as they can be with the test material. When students are confident and ready to take the test, staff members are on hand at BCLA to assist you with finding and booking the official test.

Best Care Academy Inc

Welcome to Best Care Academy

Best Care Academy is a private career college that offers college and diploma programs in Healthcare and Business. At BCA, students experience hands-on, practical career training that will have them job-ready in 8 to 10 months. This training enables our graduates to embark on the career path of their dreams sooner rather than later. BCA’s goal is to equip its students achieve professional and personal fulfillment in their careers of choice, regardless of how competitive the market may become.

Why Best Care?

Best Care Academy is a place where effective preparation happens. In this extremely competitive work environment, we believe it is important to comprehensively educate students for any potential challenges ahead. BCA believes in the following core values that reflect our desire to help people adapt and thrive in the complex world of work.

BCA’s Core Values

Small Class Sizes

BCA’s maximum class size is 10 students per group. BCA has designed its classes to ensure that each student receives personalized individual attention. Our programs are delivered by thoughtful, conscientious, accredited, and highly professional instructors. BCA believes that learning should be individualized to support the varying needs of students. As such, we have created a learning environment that allows maximum participation of student and teacher engagement to help every individual reach their fullest potential inside and outside of the classroom.

Results Oriented

At BCA, we provide students with practical, relevant, and industry-specific training that allows them to maximize their career potential. We focus on helping our students develop the skills they need to excel in the necessary requirements to become efficient leaders in the fields of health care and business.

BCA focuses on value-addition and on creating valuable differentiation for its graduates. By teaching our students to maximize value for their prospective employers, BCA equips our graduates for sustainable future success.

Enriched Learning and Practical Internship Experience

At BCA, we provide the students with the necessary tools and resources to prepare them for their dream careers. Our programs include internship opportunities with potential employers. These internship opportunities, essential avenues for on-the-job learning, are complemented by reflection and evaluation activities by BCA instructors. Through the program reflection and evaluation sessions, student interns are able to continuously improve in practical and specific ways.

BCA understands that numerous challenges await professionals wanting to succeed in highly competitive markets. As a response, BCA has designed a career counselling service as a comprehensive resource for students. These workshop and counselling services include:

    • Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writing
    • Successful Interview Techniques
    • Job Search Techniques, and
    • The Job Selection Matrix

My name is Daisy Nicolas and I am the Founder and President of Best Care Academy. As someone who has bravely endured the challenges of the complex business world, I have seen the significance of professional training that transforms the individual.

My passion in life is to empower people with the necessary toolbox to successfully achieve their goals. As an owner of an immigration consultancy business, I have helped many people start a new life in Canada. It is my dream to not only help my clients survive, but also to help them thrive in this competitive Canadian environment.

I have created Best Care Academy to help individuals acquire the necessary skills to be successful:

    • Resiliency to overcome the many challenges that will arise from their chosen industries
    • Practicality to understand industry-specific skills that add value to any employer
    • Creativity in problem-solving abilities that will allow them to build and advance their careers

Best Care Academy helps students become highly competent in their careers by providing them the experience needed to succeed in the field. We cultivate an environment for students to adapt to their new careers by helping them develop competitive skills and knowledge.

Best Care Academy is a place where dreams begin to be cultivated into reality. With the help of our vast network of professional instructors, employment specialists, employers, and third-party service providers, Best Care Academy will equip you to fulfil your career goals. So please give us a call and I will gladly talk with you about your career plans, and how Best Care Academy can provide you comprehensive and abiding care that will allow you to reach your highest potentials.

*All student funding, whether made available privately or through various government branches, is only approved to those who qualify, by the original source of funding. There are many criteria that each candidate must meet to be approved. Schools can only inform you of what may be available.