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Atlantic College of Applied Health Sciences (ACAHS)


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Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Healthcare, Wellness, Pharma Programs

  • PSW Program Overview

    The Start Date is a unique date that the student and ACAHS staff select based on that best “start date” for the student. Once the student begins the program, they will have 78 weeks to complete the certification. The last 13 weeks will comprise the clinical practicum (320 Hours). Prior to beginning their clinical practicum they must successfully complete the theory (700 hours), lab (24 hours) and the prerequisites stated in the registration process (ie. CPR, Immunizations etc). Virtual lab sessions are synced with corresponding theory throughout the program. Students also have the option of attending a physical lab site.
    Upon successful completion of the theory, lab and clinical practicum, student will qualify to write their final exam with safe web browser and a virtual proctor. The student must obtain a score of 70% or more in order to receive their PSW Certificate.
    Once the new graduate obtains their PSW Certification, they will be certified to work in all PSW environments. Furthermore, their PSW education with ACAHS meets and/or exceeds PSW education standards in all provinces (except Quebec). This gives the graduate PSW the opportunity to be considered for PSW employment outside of New Brunswick.
  • ASPSW Program Overview

    The Start Date is a unique date that the student and ACAHS staff select based on that best “start date” for the student. The Advanced Standing Personal Support Worker (ASPSW) program is an online, self-paced program designed for students who have previous experience in the Personal Support Worker (PSW) role. The student must have at least 320 hours of experience working in the role of a PSW and their employer(s) must confirm they are competent and safe with their clinical skills.
    There are a total of 7 modules in this program which include Chapter tests, lab experiences and relevant learning tools. Resource links are located within the course and are based on the assigned electronic text book.
    Once the student has successfully completed the modules, ACAHS and the student will determine the final exam date. The “Safe Exam Browser” will monitor their computer use while the “Virtual Proctor” will monitor them via the camera in their lap top. Upon graduation the student will be prepared to work in all settings that employ PSW’s.

Atlantic College of Applied Health Sciences (ACAHS)

The Atlantic College of Applied Health Sciences (ACAHS) recognizes the need for and value of post-secondary education and training. ACAHS is committed to providing a quality education that is focused on providing the learner and employer with a program that meets their short and long term goals. The ACAHS’s primary vision is to provide graduates who are educated, skilled and accountable to delivering quality healthcare support. Creating a digital campus that is accessible, responsive and provides quality learning is the key aim of our college. In doing so, our graduates will be prepared to contribute to the health and well-being of communities in a variety of settings. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting the needs of our students and communities while also responding to changes and needs identified along the way.

Top 12 reasons to study with the Atlantic College of Applied Health Sciences (ACAHS):

  1. Self paced program
  2. Our curriculum contains and exceeds the core competencies from all provinces (except Quebec) thereby allowing graduates the potential for employment in provinces outside of New Brunswick
  3. Distance based education. Study from the comfort of your own home on your schedule.
  4. Clinical placements can be in your community.
  5. Our PSW certification prepares you to work in all PSW fields (i.e. Home Care, Long Term Care, Clinics, Hospitals, etc.).
  6. ACAHS is registered under the Private Occupational Training Act (POTA) so your tuition is protected.
  7. Flexible start dates.
  8. Curriculum exceeds theory and practicum thresholds.
  9. Text, work books, learning resources are provided electronically so they are always at your fingertips.
  10. Lab experiences are offered in person or via vSim. You decide which works best for you.
  11. Instructors are available via chat, Big Blue Button or Skype to assist you with your learning needs.
  12. Our staff have over 30 years of nursing experience in Canada and abroad as well as 10 years of teaching experience in the registered nursing field.

*All student funding, whether made available privately or through various government branches, is only approved to those who qualify, by the original source of funding. There are many criteria that each candidate must meet to be approved. Schools can only inform you of what may be available.