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Appliance Technical Institute of Canada

3279 Lenworth Drive, Mississauga ON

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Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Skilled Trades, Auto, Fire Programs

  • Appliance Service Technicians repair and service washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, built-in ovens, counter cook top units, microwaves, refrigerators, and freezers for appliance sales companies, wholesalers, large apartment owners and independent service companies. Many may go on to become self-employed or work in the commercial or industrial equipment industry.

    Students who complete our structured program will receive theory instruction together with the hands-on training methodology taught by highly trained instructors. Areas of study include; appliance service safety, troubleshooting and maintenance repair, and schematic diagrams and parts look up.

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics install, maintain, repair and overhaul residential central air conditioning systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems and combined heating, ventilation and cooling systems. They are responsible for following blueprints and connecting systems to fuel and water supply lines, air ducts, and other components.

    This non-vocational course introduces the student to the theory, installation, and design, operation, troubleshooting, and repair of closed/sealed refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Students will learn to test and repair various components; such as hermetic compressors, condensers, capillary tubes, expansion valves, driers, receivers/accumulators, evaporators, thermostats, defrost timers, etc. Students will also learn the safe handling of refrigerants; as well as proper soldering/brasing techniques. Students will also learn the proper use of leak testers, manifold gauges, vacuum pumps, etc. Students will also learns proper methods of changing and evacuating systems; as well as other specialized testing/ safety equipment.

Mississauga Campus

Since 2017 AT Institute has produced graduates who now work as professionals in their respective careers across Canada and worldwide. We are recognized as leaders in career-focused education because of our teaching and career placement record. Our curriculum is based on industry certification requirements determined by leading associations. Our training is aimed to make you an expert in your area of choice. We currently offer diploma and certificate programs in the ever-growing fields of Appliance Servicing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Gas Technician Certification, and Ozone Depletion Protection (ODP) Certification.

We make sure you that do not get lost in the crowd. AT Institute has a small town feel that lets you connect with other students and staff who care about who you are and your success. Educators have always known that smaller classes and more individualized learning results in faster and more complete training. Add to that the enhanced camaraderie of spending time with fellow students who share very specific goals and you get a deeper, more effective educational experience. But education is not the end game at AT Institute – it’s the job. The successful student will have an opportunity to interview with one of the industry’s leading companies.

*All student funding, whether made available privately or through various government branches, is only approved to those who qualify, by the original source of funding. There are many criteria that each candidate must meet to be approved. Schools can only inform you of what may be available.