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Max The Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design

2944 Danforth Avenue, Toronto Ontario

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Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Creative Arts, Interactive, Sound Programs

  • The Animation Diploma is a four year program, the first year of which is Visual Arts Literacy (VAL). For direct entry into year two or three, students may apply for advanced standing. To qualify for advanced standing, into any year, students must submit portfolios demonstrating skills equivalent to those developed in the year or years preceding the year they are applying for.

    In addition to a series of both classical and digital animation courses, the curriculum includes in-depth drawing classes, cartooning, acting for animation, character design, background painting/design, and a sequence of visual language, storytelling and storyboarding courses.

    In Year 4, students participate in a simulated production experience directed by an industry professional.

  • The Concept Art Diploma Program has been developed to meet the increasing level of proficiency required by the video game and animation industries.  

    Like our animation program, this program offers a rigorous, in-depth curriculum based on suggestions and portfolio requirements from major video game producers and animation companies.

    This unique four-year diploma program includes a mix of fine art, illustration, animation, and cartooning courses, as well as concept courses and instruction in all necessary computer software from Photoshop to Maya.

    Our graduate work was recently featured in
    Students in Year 4 will work on a “real time” assignment for a hypothetical client.

  • Our Illustration for Sequential Arts Program has been structured to give students a broad skill base that will enable them to work in graphic design, advertising and publishing.

    They will have many skills valued by the game industry, and the potential to gain employment in the comic book and graphic novel industries. Since many of the courses in Illustration for Sequential Arts are also part of our Classical & Computer Animation Basics Diploma, students will have the prerequisites for, and may choose to take, other animation-related courses such as Storyboarding.

    Max the Mutt students graduate with a solid portfolio, a web page, the skills to write a cover letter and résumé, and the ability to conduct themselves professionally in a job interview. We have strong contacts in the animation, illustration and video game industries. Our annual Industry Open House is well-attended by representatives from animation and gaming companies.

    Many employers contact us when they have job openings, and we regularly inform our graduates of employment opportunities.

Toronto Campus

Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design is a Registered Career College offering Ministry approved diploma programs recognized and respected by the animation and gaming industries for the excellence of these programs and the professionalism of our graduates.

MTM alumni are now working for such companies as Electronic Arts, Pixar, UbiSoft, Arc entertainment, Nelvana and Sony Imageworks. Why are our graduates in such high demand by top companies? Our graduates are grounded in traditional design, drawing and painting skills as well as the fundamentals of the disciplines they're studying.They are able to use computer programs to maximum advantage. Students are also graded on professionalism as well as course content and are prepared for the work environment.

Max the Mutt offers a 4 year diploma program in Classical & Computer Animation & Production, a 3 year diploma program in Illustration for Sequential Arts: Comic Books & Graphic Novels (the only program of its kind in Canada) and a 4 year diploma program in Concept Art for Animation & Video Games (also the only program of its kind in Canada).

Please note that Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design and Daemen College, Amherst New York, have an articulation agreement that enables academically qualified MTM graduates who present a portfolio, and have a reference from their diploma head, advanced standing into Daemen's BFA program. This USA degree can be completed with one year of academic study.

PLEASE NOTE: Max the Mutt does not offer on line courses at this time, and, because of the depth and length of our programs, we do not fit into Second Careers requirements.

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