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Business, Accounting, Marketing Programs


    Medical Office Administrators perform a variety of secretarial and administrative duties in doctor's offices, hospitals, medical clinics and other medical settings. As a Medical Office Administrator, you will be the first person to meet and greet patients and staff upon entering the clinic. You will be required to possess a friendly and welcoming attitude with excellent communication skills. Medical Office Administrators are responsible for a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to run an organization efficiently. You serve as basis of communication within the office, as well as plan and schedule meetings and appointments, organize and maintain documents and files, manage projects, conduct research, and provide information by use of telephone, email, and postal service.

    Working within a medical office, Medical Office Administrators may be required to transcribe dictation and assist physicians or medical staff with reports, and conference proceedings. Most medical office staffs need to be familiar with insurance rules, billing practices, and hospital or laboratory procedures according to their province.


    The Business Management Diploma Program introduces the students to various aspects of business operations and builds fundamental understanding of business practices, functions and processes. Emphasis is placed on administration, staffing, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, communication and legislative compliance of businesses. Students will master their competencies to develop innovative and critical thinking abilities. This program will also build the analytic, decision-making, problem solving and communication skills that are important to business professionals. Graduates can look forward to a variety of careers options that feature a wide range of duties related to the business world.



    The Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma program at Anderson College provides students with an understanding of manual and computerized accounting payroll systems and the ability to apply this knowledge to business situations. Combining classroom theory with practical hands-on experience, the program will help students develop the confidence and experience needed for a career in accounting and payroll administration.

    Students in the Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma program will develop expert knowledge in computer applications and software programs needed to excel in the business world today. The Accounting and Payroll Administrator Diploma program will also focus on developing leadership and management skills, ensuring that students are prepared to lead teams of employees and make difficult decisions.


    Our 26-week Diploma program is designed to provide you with the business concepts needed in today's competitive and changing business environment — with a focus on critical thinking skills and team building. You'll attain a broad understanding of business practices — including Microsoft Office software, Excel Level 2, bookkeeping & accounting, Quickbooks, ACCPAC, marketing/sales, economics and operation management — gaining you the skills and experience necessary to progress to more responsible roles in accounting, marketing, operations, personnel or general administration. A Diploma from Anderson College will ensure your success in today's demanding and competitive job market.

  • A great executive assistant is a critical component of successful company. With our small class sizes and friendly, knowledgeable faculty, Anderson can quickly train you to become everything an organization needs through our Executive Administration Diploma Program.

    At Anderson, we’ve turned the classroom into the office. Every teacher in our program has professional experience in the fields they teach, so you’ll gain real insight into what companies demand. You’ll learn how to perform such essentials as budgeting, spreadsheets, presentations, documentation, meeting management, travel arrangements, and conference planning. You’ll become fully competent in critical computer programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Plus, you’ll enhance your verbal, written, math and interpersonal skills.

    In short, you’ll become everything a successful company, office, department or executive depends on – without wasting a minute of learning time. And our highly successful graduate employment services to assist you.

  • Certified Health Information Management professionals are in high demand across the continuum of care. Major changes to our health care system are creating exciting career opportunities in a variety of health care settings across the continuum of care and within the provincial and federal governments.

    Health Information Management professionals are one of the few professionals trained to meet these challenges:

    • Contribute to health care delivery as members of the health care team;
    • Manage health information services in health facilities;
    • Work with confidential health records: format, content, quality, and use;
    • Use technologies to capture, manage and analyze data;
    • Prepare, analyze, and present health information for use in health care delivery and financial and management planning;
    • Interact with medical staff, health providers, and management;
    • May specialize in areas such as research, management, quality improvement, risk analysis, clinical trials, and clinical financial resource integration; and
    • Maintain skills, knowledge, and expertise through mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Education, Teaching Programs


    The Early Childcare Assistant Diploma program trains students for increasingly important careers in the early childcare field. Early Childcare Assistants play a crucial role in a young child’s early development, and graduates of the program will be well situated for fulfilling and long-lasting careers in this field.

    The Early Childcare Assistant Diploma program develops skills and techniques through a mix of theoretical classroom learning and practical "hands-on" training. This mix of practical and theoretical training provides the knowledge and confidence needed to step right into the workplace upon graduation.

    Graduates of the Early Childcare Assistant program have found employment in daycare centres, nursery schools, pre-schools, kindergartens, government and non-profit organizations and private homes. In addition, Anderson College is one of the few colleges that will find your placement for you following your in-class training. In the job placement, you will have the opportunity to apply your theoretical skills in a professional setting, which will help develop confidence and practical "real world" experience.

Healthcare, Wellness, Pharma Programs


    Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Medical Laboratory Technicians are trained to work under the supervision of a Technologist to conduct routine diagnostic tests, as well as set up, clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment. As a Medical Laboratory Technician you will be responsible to collect blood, tissue and other samples from patients, as well as log patient samples and prepare them for testing. You will perform laboratory procedures such as preparing specimens for testing, preparing culture media and stock solutions, and recognizing problems and errors in lab procedures. Medical Laboratory Technicians use automated equipment and computerized instruments capable of performing a number of tests simultaneously, as well as microscopes, cell counters, and other sophisticated laboratory equipment


    Throughout the Personal Support Worker program students will focus mainly on caring for elderly patients. Topics such as abuse and safety, cognitive impairment, mental health issues and personal hygiene will be covered, along with the importance of interpersonal skills and respecting individuality of clients. Areas in childcare and assisting new mothers and newborns will also be taught. Anderson College students have the advantage of working within our fully equipped simulated hospital room and practical nursery room. With equipments ranging from wheelchairs, hoyer lifts and functioning hospital beds, students will have all the hands on practice needed to feel comfortable and confident when approaching their clinical practice and seeking employment after graduation.



    The Pharmacy Technician diploma program at Anderson College’s Mississauga campus has been awarded the status of Provisional Accreditation by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP). This means that our graduates (and only graduates from other CCAPP programs) are eligible to become registered Pharmacy Technicians in Ontario.

    We also offer the Pharmacy Assistant program which shorter in length.

    The Pharmacy Technician program is designed to prepare graduates for employment in either retail, industrial or institutional pharmacy settings. The program is a College level program approved by The Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities. Through comprehensive learning objectives and practical hands-on training, graduates of this program will be technically qualified to provide superior pharmacy technician performance.

    Students in the Pharmacy Technician Diploma program will combine theoretical classroom learning with practical hands-on training, ensuring that they are both well versed in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and equipped with the confidence needed to step into the workplace upon graduation.


    The Physiotherapist Assistant Diploma program has been designed to provide students with a strong foundation to work under the supervision of a Physiotherapist.

    Current trends in Healthcare restructuring have resulted in shorter hospital stays and more outpatient rehabilitation. Some tasks formerly performed by Physiotherapists are now being delegated to Assistants in an effort to further reduce costs.

    The demand for Physiotherapist Assistants is expected to increase over the next few years.

    Inclusive of an 11-week clinical placement period, the program provides well-rounded combination of theory instruction and practical training of which the student can continually develop and apply their knowledge to skilled tasks and proper assessment procedures.

  • The Intra Oral Dental Assisting Diploma program at Anderson College prepares students for careers in dental offices, dental clinics, health units, hospitals and educational institutions. Students in the Intra Oral Dental Assistant Diploma program will combine theoretical classroom learning with practical hands-on training, ensuring that they are both well versed in all aspects of dentistry and equipped with the confidence needed to provide top-quality dental care

  • The objective of the Pharmacy Assistant Program is to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge that enable them to qualify for entry-level positions. Our graduates have been successful securing employment in a variety of pharmaceutical organizations. Usually Pharmacy Assistants work in entry level positions at pharmacy retail companies. They work under the supervision of the pharmacy technician or Pharmacist. Some of the responsibilities include ordering and receiving the inventory, filling prescriptions, receiving shipments and handling paperwork.

    Students explore the human body’s systems throughout the learning modules by focusing on structure, function & terminology. The program focuses on understanding the management of hospitals & related organizations; examining various pharmacy services; Learning medical prefixes and suffixes, abbreviations, trade & generic drug names, symbols, strengths & dosage forms. Other than these students will go through all the basic and advanced elements of Pharmacy Assistant course.

  • Massage Therapy is a rapidly growing field and recognized as an essential part of health care and overall wellness.

    This program is recognized by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario as meeting the academic requirements for eligibility to write the registration examination. Successful candidates of this examination will be entitled to use the professional designation of Registered Massage Therapist. Additional fees will apply.

    Anderson College is also a member of the Ontario Council of Private Massage Therapy Colleges.

  • Cardiology Technology Diploma Program is registered with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Our aim is to prepare job-ready graduates in the area of cardiology technology, as defined by the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologist (CSCT) national occupational competency profile and industry requirements. We emphasize the importance of hands-on skills-focused training. All of our students learn about the value of patient communication and patient care as interpersonal skills are a fundamental part of being a successful Cardiology Technologist. Upon successful completion of the said program, students are eligible to write the CSCT certification exams. Please visit the CSCT website for more information.

Legal, Policing Programs


    The Law Enforcement / Police Foundations diploma program is designed to prepare students to apply to and work as a Police Officer, Customs and Immigrations Officer, Security, Private Investigation, Court Officers, Fraud Departments, etc.

    The Academy, alongside our instructors (all 25-year+ veterans of their respective Police forces), will assist students on an individual basis to ensure they progress to the career of their choice.

    The Police Foundations program is a joint initiative between the Police Learning System Advisory Committee to establish minimum entrance standards for police services in Ontario.

  • The day-to-day duties of a law clerk vary, but generally speaking, law clerks are trained professionals who assist lawyers or judges in preparing legal or court documents. Because of the nature of their job, law clerks have an excellent opportunity to learn more about judicial processes and other areas of the law. Not surprisingly, many law clerks use their accumulated experience and knowledge to move up in the industry. There is great potential for growth and promotion, thus the need for qualified law clerks remains steady.

    The Law Clerk Diploma program at Anderson College prepares students for the challenges and rewards of legal assistance. Our diploma program prepares students to write one or all of the four provincial Law Clerk exams: Litigation, Corporate Law, Real Estate and Wills & Estates.

    The Law Clerk diploma program is comprehensive with only the most current and up-to-date course content. We will ensure you have all the knowledge and practical skills needed to proceed to a career with the utmost confidence. Contact us for more information and we’ll show you how quickly this rewarding career could be yours!

  • Start your legal career with confidence with a Paralegal diploma from Anderson College!

    The Paralegal Studies program at Anderson College will set a strong legal foundation with courses in Aboriginal Rights, Small Claims Court, Tribunal Practice & Procedures, Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship, and Human Rights, the Criminal Code of Canada and much more!

    Put your newly gained knowledge to use in court simulations which will involve preparing, researching and presenting cases in a mock trial setting. You will also participate in a field placement practicum organized by the college so that you can gain real-life work experience before starting your career! Anderson’s Paralegal Studies diploma program is accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

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